Powell Could Endorse O Tonight

This is most definitely shocking news if it actually pans out.  According to Lawrence O’Donnell writing at the Huffington Post, former Secretary of State Colin Powell may just be ready to endorse Senator Barack Obama for president as soon as right after the final presidential debate tonight.

Of course, endorsements rarely mean much of anything, and Powell’s endorsement in particular could end up being something of a double edged sword.  Still, one can only see such an event as a blow to the McCain campaign.

Yes, I recognize that Powell’s credibility is nowhere close to where it was back before Iraq, but I also feel that if there is anyone from the Bush administration that still has even a fading sliver of credibility, Powell just might be that guy.  Further, his endorsement may help Obama in the one area that he trails McCain in according to most polls, and that’s fighting terrorism.

One thing that I’ve mentioned once or twice is that the Obama campaign has to be ready in case the focus of the presidential election shifts suddenly to National Security.  That’s perhaps the one and only thing that could put Obama on his heels in this election.  While I could be wrong, it’s possible that a Powell endorsement could help on this front.

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