Programming Note (Because I’m Not Really Interested In Anything Else)

Being Tired + Slow News Day = bad day for blogging.

Seriously, there just aren’t that many developments in the campaign.  Polls pretty much show the same story we’ve seen over the past couple of days; Obama is opening up the margin over McCain.  As for actual events, today just doesn’t seem to compare to yesterday when we saw Palin get the job of the Vice President wrong, the RNC dropped 150k on Palin’s wardrobe, and al Qaeda endorsed John McCain.

Now that I think about it, how do you beat a news day like that in presidential election politics?

So I may sign off a bit early today to go watch movies or something but I figured I would remind everyone that starting around 8pm (earlier if I can shift it), we’ll be liveblogging  drunk liveblogging the election!

Obviously the focus will be on the top of the ticket, but I have two down ticket races I’m paying attention to as well; the Minnesota Senate match up between Norm Coleman and Al Franken, and the Virginia 2nd congressional match up between Thelma Drake and Glenn Nye.  I looked at some polling for the Virginia 2nd, and Nye is going to lose, but hey, we’re probably going to go for Obama and put Mark Warner in the senate so i have no room to complain.

So make sure to join us and bring lots of beer…  mmmm… beer.  I’m thinking a six of Miller High Life, a four of Sapporo (really, I love Sapporo, it’s got a nice spicey twist to it), and I want to try one of those alcoholic energy drinks!

Surprisingly, my wife’s okay with me drinking on election night, and by okay, I mean she only rolls her eyes a little bit at me when I tell her I’m going to get drunk.  See you there!

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