Pulling Up Stakes in Michigan

The electoral map shrinks a little bit today as it becomes clear that the McCain campaign is pulling up stakes in Michigan, an apparent concession that the state is no longer in play.

Michigan, when this whole thing began, was among the most vulnerable of the blue states that McCain could feasibly pick off, but with the canceling of scheduled events and the shutting down of field offices, that appears to longer be the case.  This also shows just how few paths to the White House the McCain ticket has at this point.

With Michigan no longer considered a swing state, according to Pollster, Obama would just need twenty more electoral votes to win the presidency if the election were being held today.  Keeping all of his current strong and leaner states, Obama could win the election if the only other two states he picked up were Virginia and Colorado.  Yes, Obama could lose both Ohio and Florida right now and still have an easier time winning the presidential election than McCain.

Also, this puts McCain further in a defensive crouch as the major battlegrounds right now, Ohio, Florida, Virginia, and North Carolina, Indiana, and even Nevada were all red states in 2004.  Of the current toss ups, only Minnesota and New Hampshire went for Kerry in 2004.

Of the remaining battleground states, five of them are currently trending towards Obama and together add up to seventy-nine electoral votes.  This is not where you want to be with only a month left until election day.

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