Racism and the Republican Party (who, apparently, lack any semblance of shame whatsoever)

Are you sick of it?  I am.

I’m tired of the McCain campaign using some racist charge of the day against Obama.  And yes, it feels like it has been one a day — and each charge is more pathetic than the last.

The latest bullshit crapola claim is that Obama is friends with a PLO terrorist.  Or, excuse me, a Palestinian Columbia University professor named Rashid Khalidi.  The only possible terrorist connection Khalidi has is his Arabic name, apparently.  These allegations are completely baseless. If Khalidi is such a terrorist how come I can’t find any links testifying to such jump out immediately searching his name in Google results from 2001?  Yes righties, that’s right — Google has retro-searching to catch you on your bullshit.  You fuckers can’t hide from the past anymore to manufacture your faux-controversies.

But here’s the story McCain and the rest of his batshit insane supports are attempting to hook the public on:  LOOK!  THIS GUY HAS AN ARAB NAME!  AN ARAB NAME!  THAT MEANS HE’S A TERRORIST!  AND OBAMA’S FRIENDS WITH HIM!  LET’S LYNCH THEM BOTH!

The racism dripping from this — and from the McCain campaign in general — is sickening.  It makes me want to vomit.

I sat next to a Palestinian economics student in one of my Arabic classes.  Does that make me associated with terrorism now?  It would to these wingnut assholes — because if all your associations aren’t white and pure, then they imply you’re unamerican.

It makes me sick.

This is a pattern with the McCain campaign — they’ve done much of it through proxy, but anyone who doesn’t believe that McCain’s filthy fucking fingers are all over this bullshit is an idiot.  Remember when rich anonymous McCain backers sent 28 million racist “Islamic terrorism” DVDs to the homes of swing voters?  At the exact same time, the McCain campaign said in stump speeches that Obama “pals around with terrorists”.  I don’t believe in coincidences.

But the McCain campaign went too far, and maybe they recognized this at the rally where McCain ripped the microphone away from granny who said that Obama is a “Arab”.  (“No, he’s an honest family man…”  A Lebanese professor of mine had a good laugh at those implications — so Arabs are anti-family?)  Now they supposedly distance themselves from the wave of racist hate they’ve released — and they do this with the same breath!

Just yesterday, Joe the Braindead Fucking Fucktard stumps for McCain and says that an Obama administration would mean the death of Israel.  An official mouth piece for McCain said this.  Yet afterwards, the McCain campaign tried saying with a straight face that Joe the Braindead Fucking Fucktard is on his own with that opinion.  I’m sorry but you can’t send a representative of the campaign out to say this bullshit then take it back afterwards.

This past weekend, a McCain campaign fucker..  I mean worker (I typed out “fucker” first and figured hey, why use backspace?) claims she’s attacked by a big black man who carved a “B” into her face.  This story was pushed by the McCain campaign itself — before found to be a hoax.  Don’t tell me this was a coincidence.

And now we see them — through proxy of blogs — roasting Obama with more terrorist charges simply because he knows somebody who’s Palestinian.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Where’s the shame?  Where’s the humility?  Where’s the honesty?  It’s certainly not on your starboard side.

Have I told you that this makes me sick?  This racism is so open and obvious…  And they wonder why we call them intolerant.   They actually do.

If John McCain had any scrap of honor, of dignity…  If he actually wants to place his country first, he wouldn’t try to divide it for his own selfish gain.  His actions aren’t patriotic — they’re just fucking disgusting.

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  1. Craig says:

    I’m inclined to believe that there were likely some speakers who did make some anti-Jewish/Israel comments at this event, as some have alluded to. I also believe that Obama, as the L.A. Times reported, made comments that were directed towards finding some common ground between the Jewish and Palestinian people.

    As slick and calulated as Obama is, I just don’t see him making such a colossal public mistake within that particular setting, regardless of how well it would have played in that room.

    But why would a source give this to a media outlet, but not allow it to be shown? Maybe a Obama supporter, who doesn’t have authorization to have possessed the recording, but who wants the Times to have direct evidence to definitively refute verbal allegations from an opponent that Obama did or said more at this event than he actually did?

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