“RED ALERT!” blares the Doug Ross headline wherein two anti-Semitic quotes from a controversial as of yet released video tape depicting a going away party for one Rashid Khalidi in which Obama was at attendance.

The source of the quotes is unnamed, and the nature of the quotes could be damaging at a time just days before Americans go to the polls to elect a new president.

Gee, where have I heard this story before?

If you’re getting struck with a sense of Deja Vu that’s because something very similar happened in the closing days of the Democratic primary.  Once lefty blog No Quarter USA had abandoned all sense of decency and started floating around the rumor of a Michelle Obama “Whitey Tape” that was supposedly going to be the October Surprise in this election.  In this tape, Michelle supposedly launches off on a supreme anti-white rant, and Larry Johnson and company over at NQUSA were just positive because he had heard about it from a friend of a friend.

The story was pushed and pushed with reckless abandon until Booman of the Booman Tribune eventually called Johnson’s bluff while at the same time calling the rumor exactly what it was; one big giant ratfucking.

As a technical term, ratfucking is essentially floating unreliable propaganda in order to shift the course of an election.  Back in the Democratic primaries Larry Johnson did so by hyping up a non-existent video that would potentially wreck any shot of Obama winning the general election ostensibly so that Super Delegates would see the error of their ways and go with Hillary Clinton instead.

Now, using similarly unnamed sources, the ratfucking is an attempt to put Obama in the same room as anti-Semitic speech on the off chance that it will tank the election.

The only difference is that in this case we know the tape exists, and the LA Times is witholding it because they were given the tape in the first place under the condition that they not release it.  Releasing said tape would greatly damage the LA Times’ reputation of protecting its sources, and thus impede their ability to do their jobs.

So it’s not likely that they will release the tape, but they could settle this by confirming the reported quotes or not.  Until that happens, chances are this is little more than one big giant ratfucking.


  1. Craig says:

    Gee, where have I heard this story before?

    How about seven stories down?

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