Sarah Palin and the Glass House

When Joe Klein wrote his scorching post about the dishonorable campaign John McCain is running, he most definitely meant it.  Interestingly, the campaign then is nothing compared to where Team McCain wants to take the election now.

Back then it was all about stupid “celebrity” ads and the same old Republican lies about how mean and scary Obama would raise taxes on everyone!  Now Sarah Palin has taken it upon herself to bring up Wright and Ayers in a naked and shameful attempt to distract voters from, you know, actual issues.  This has Klein more than a little hot under the collar.

Even better, it has him in the mood to set up exactly how glass the house Palin is throwing her stones from, pointing out that her own husband belongs to a party devoted to the secession of Alaska.  Also, he doesn’t stop at the church rite in which Palin was given protection against witchcraft, but also points out that Palin didn’t get up and leave a sermon from someone who believes that Palestinian terror acts against Jews was God’s way of judging them for not turning to Jesus.

This last one was actually news to me, and somewhat stunning considering that Palin often wears an Israeli flag pin.

It goes to show the perils that are in store for the McCain campaign as a whole with its decision to wage an ugly and dirty campaign.  The fact is, when it comes to Obama, you see the same three names.  For one name, Obama had only a passing relationship, for another, Obama forcibly denounced his message and ultimately “threw him under the bus.”  For the third name, there has been no evidence of wrong doing on Obama’s part; his greatest transgression being that it looked bad (Ayers, Wright, and Rezko, respectively).

By contrast, it’s important to know that with McCain and Palin, we’re not talking about guilt by association.  McCain didn’t know someone who was a part of the Keating Five; McCain WAS a member of the Keating Five.  Palin didn’t know someone involved in the Troopergate scandal; the scandal swirls around her.

Shorter: Palin and McCain both are in very fragile glass houses, and they’ve telegraphed that they’re going to be throwing stones for the rest of the election.  I hope they have a box of band-aids.

2 Responses to “Sarah Palin and the Glass House”

  1. Here’s the sad thing, which I’ve commented on already on other sites:

    A) I don’t care about Ayers. If he was a ‘terrorist’, then he should be in prison. He isn’t. What does that say about the DOJ under Republicans? Apparently, they didn’t see this as something worth persuing, oh these many decades later. Plus, Obama was 8 when this crap went down. The late 60’s and early 70’s was a time of extremes… we know this. Vietnam, Protests, National Guardsmen shooting College Students… it was all F-ed up. And it was all 40-frickin’-years ago! Get over it.
    B) Politicians “know” a lot of people… in the term that they are photographed smiling and shaking hands. Do they do a background check on every person that they’ve ever said “hello” to? NO. Because that would be impossible and stupid. I have no doubt if we search deep enough, we’ll find John smiling and shaking hands with some pretty shady characters… like anyone who desperately wanted to tell his colleagues that he “knew somebody important”. It’s a wash.
    C) Does Ayers control my job prospects and the ability to pay my mortgage? No?! Then, why the *F* are we talking about him?
    D) (my main point) Negative attacks are to fire up the base to get out there and support you. At this point (30 days before election and dropping) either the Republicans support John or they don’t. He can’t change their minds. So, he needs to speak to the middle. Screaming hysterically about radicals from the 60’s isn’t going to do that. Us, who are not affiliated with any party, are looking to how you are going to help or hurt us RIGHT NOW and for the NEXT 4 YEARS. Is Ayers planting bombs right now? Is Obama planning on inviting him to be a Chief of Staff? Then, who cares??! Whatever he may (Ayers) have done as a 60’s radical, it won’t affect me now. And, it should have been dealt with long, long before now. It’s irrelevant.
    E) As to Wright… he’s a pastor speaking his mind. Does he inform public policy? No. Has Obama given ANY indication that he would immediately embrace the Pastor’s positions… No. Again, for those of us not already rabidly Republican… not a big deal.

    It seems to me that McCain (through his “advisers’, trying desperately to invoke Rove) is trying to create fire where it only exists in the minds of the already Republican-faithful. That isn’t going to allow him to win the White House, and his strategists should know this by now, if they weren’t incompetent boobs.

  2. idjiut says:

    That statement that the connection between Ayers and Obama is only a ‘passing relationship’, is propaganda at best or an out-right lie at worst. We still don’t know all of the information concerning Antoin ‘Tony’ Rezko, other than he is a Syrian-born Chicago slumlord convicted of money laundering and influence peddling and financially supported by a Sadaam era billionaire Iraqi National living in London named Nadhmi Auchi and that Rezko misused government funds obtained fraudulently for some housing projects that have fallen into disrepair and are now uninhabitable. Also, Mr Moore failed to mention the unusual circumstances involved with Obama’s purchase of his current $1.3M Chicago suburb mansion and that the unemployed wife of Tony Rezko purchased the adjoining lot on the same day from the same property owner for more than $600,000 and later sold part of that lot to Obama for approx $125,000. Did I mention ACORN? Mr Moore is either intellectually dishonest or incredibly ignorant.

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