Sarah Palin: Geography- and Truth-Challenged

It’s amazing how much of the United States Sarah Palin can see from Alaska:


And yet she can’t seem to read what’s written in a report that’s right in front of her (bolds in original):

A report released last Friday by the bipartisan Alaska Legislative Council found that Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) “abused her power” and violated a statute of the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act — an act, the report stressed, that “is not optional.”

But yesterday, during an interview with the local CBS affiliate in Pittsburgh, Palin stooped a little lower, stating flat out that the Legislative Council’s report had found that she did not abuse her power:

PALIN: [T]he report that came out also was very clear in that there was no unethical or unlawful behavior on my part. … No abuse of power there at all.

Yesterday was the second time since the report came out on Friday that Palin lied about what it said. This is probably going to become the new Bridge to Nowhere — a lie that Palin repeats over and over no matter how many times the lie is exposed.

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