Say It Ain’t So, Joe

Before last night’s debate, I had never heard of this Joe the Plumber guy.  Apparently the wingnuts have been going crazy about him, but he’s just never shown up on my radar.  Then came the debate last night, and you was mentioned so often you would have almost thought he was actually at the debate.

Joe the Plumber quickly became John McCain’s symbol for the average American, the avatar of the middle class McCain refuses to actually mention during the debates.  In the end, Joe would be referenced or referred to over two dozen times in the debate.

But I remember thinking at the time this seemed like a risky move for McCain; sure, the Joe the Plumber imagery was okay until the dial groups started getting real tired of it, but wouldn’t that be kind of embarrassing if after the debate Joe went on the record panning McCain?  McCain was putting a lot of faith in the idea that Joe the Plumber wouldn’t in the end turn out to be an embarrassment.

Well, McCain lucked out in at least one respect; it turns out Joe is something of a rightwing idealogue:


Okay, so Obama just caught a bad break here.  Joe the Plumber for at least one news cycle gets to live out the real life story of Kevin Costner in that stupid Swing Voter movie that I refuse to ever see, and he turns out to be conservative enough to think Social Security is a “joke.”

But wait, there’s more.  As it turns out, Joe the Plumber might have more of a connection with John McCain than initially thought.  Namely; Charles Keating.

Now look, I’m not saying Joe the Plumber (who, apparently actually would get a tax break from Obama) is a deviously engineered plant, I’m just saying this is curiously good luck for McCain, isn’t it?

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  1. terry says:

    Oh I was waiting for someone to use that post title 🙂

    I saw the video of Joe the plumber with Obama on Tuesday and thought it was a real positive for Obama. So I was really surprised when McCain decided to pounce on it last night.

    Now look at all the anti-Joe backlash. Apparently Americans don’t like plumbers and really don’t like plumbers that make $250,000.

    Again, bad vetting job by the McCain campaign.

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