She Made It Up

I’m much busier than I expected to be today, and I really hope I get a chance to sit down and do some serious writing.  But in the mean time.

Ashley Todd, who had claimed that she was mugged by a large black man who carved a B into her cheek for political reasons, now admits that she made the entire story up.  Well played, Ms. Todd.  Well played.

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  1. Anyone want to venture a guess a to who will make Olbermann’s “Worst Person in the World” tonight?

  2. *snort*

    It’s a slam dunk!

  3. Macswain says:

    Captain Ed? Drudge?

  4. mm…. Good point, this could end up being an eight way tie!

  5. tas says:

    All of the rightwing bloggers who proved that they have no ability to think whatsoever by parroting such an obviously fake story?

    “Sheep” has to be fit into derogatory nomenclature against them… Wingsheep? Sheepnuts? Teabags?

  6. terry says:

    Have you seen 23/6’s home page? Too funny…
    23/6 Hacked by Ashley Todd supporter!

    They actually had the funniest write up before we found out it was a hoax:
    First, if someone just beat you, robbed you, and held you down long enough to carve a letter into your face, medical treatment might sound pretty good wouldn’t it? At least a little rubbing alcohol to clean the wound? That knife was in a filthy Obama supporter’s pants for God’s sake!

    Second, how easy is it to carve a B into the skin of a struggling woman’s face? Those loops are perfect! We assumed it would be in a kind of Def Leppard, scratchy font. There’s a reason Zorro didn’t take the name Borro. B’s are tough!

  7. patrikios says:

    Her story sounded fishy in a familiar way- like Morton Downey Jr., Susan Smith or Tawana Brawley. When I noticed the backward B, my suspicions were confirmed.

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