So This Is What Desperation Smells Like (UPDATE)

We have one week and one day left before the presidential election, and when we take a look at the state of the race over at Pollster, the story is pretty grim for John McCain.  Obama has a nine point national lead, and he has almost enough electoral votes in strong states alone to get to 270 (discounting leaning states which only show him about five points up, Obama has 268).  Further, we have seen Georgia become a toss up state, and McCain’s own Arizona just shifted into the lean category due in part to a recent poll that showed him up by only four points (I’ve heard rumors of polls yet to be released that could show Arizona even tighter than that!).

With a week left, McCain has less than half of the electoral votes that Obama has according to the polls.  This, folks, is desperation time, which means that anyone who hasn’t abandoned the McCain campaign will go through anything and everything they possibly can to manufacture some sort of campaign ending controversy.

But let’s put this in context; Obama is a Muslim, Terrorist, and a Racist.  He’s actually done cocaine, and he’s alleged to have had an affair on the totally irrefutable evidence that a female staffer stopped working for him after a successful campaign.  Oh, and he’s a socialist and a communist.  Despite all of this, he’s still greatly outperforming McCain by just about every metric we could possibly have next to actually tallying votes.

What I’m getting at is that all of this stuff has thus far failed to work leading one to believe that for a scandal to really knock Obama from the front runner spot, it has to be explosive, it has to be huge, and the evidence has to be both so blatant that it can not be explained away, and so simple that a four year old could understand it.  We need video of Obama committing murder, or video of him sitting in a room full of black panthers specifically saying, “You know, when I win the White House, I’m going to aim all of the nukes at the whitest parts of America and… KABOOM!!!!”

What do we get instead?  We get an audio clip from a radio interview from seven years ago where Obama discusses the political mechanics of potential wealth redistribution.  Thus Obama is a MARXIST!!!!11!!!ONE ELEVEN!!!

And he’s not even really advocating it all that much as opposed to discussing political tactics.  Indeed, this latest attempt at manufacturing scandal is laughable on a number of levels.

-It’s too abstract.  Damaging scandals have a formula to them.  The subject has to be simple, and the evidence has to be blatantly obvious.  Not to suggest that the American people are stupid, but low information voters typically don’t have a strong grasp on the various subjects of politics and government.  They don’t have an in depth understanding of legal codes or even the constitution.  We saw this with any number of hiccups among the Bush administration, and then compared them to the Monica Lewinsky scandal with Bill Clinton.  Bush’s transgressions may have been far more detrimental to the running of our government, but it took years and years for them to build a cumulative effect on the opinion of his presidency.  By contrast, everyone understands that getting a blow job from someone who isn’t your wife is a bad thing.

Here, this audio gets down in the weeds with detail, and is far from obvious as far as linking Obama to true blue socialism.  Indeed, it sounds more like a constituional scholar and civil rights historian discussing inside baseball than anything else, and requires a strong logical leap to even infer that Obama is making a passionate case for restructuring our system into socialism.

-It hasn’t worked before.  This exact line of attack has been used since the final debate when John McCain decided to use Joe the Plumber as a campaign prop, specifically highlighting words that Obama used that were more recent, and easier to understand.  “Spread the wealth around,” is a little more digestible to low information voters than “wealth redistribution”, and in truth sounds a little more socialist in nature.  And McCain himself has been hammering this for weeks now, yet this line of attack also seems to have failed considering that Obama has only managed to strengthen his position against McCain since the attacks have begun.  If a more recent and easier understood version of the attack hasn’t worked, why would anyone think an older and more esoteric incarnation be more successful?

-It’s a matter of degree.  3%.  All of this hooplah is over a three percent difference in wealth redistribution.  Obama wants the top earners in this country to pay 39% in taxes, John McCain wants them to pay only 36%.  By virtually any definition that is used to paint Obama as a socialist must also therefore be given to McCain as well considering that they are separated by essentially a three percent margin.

-Do people really think that wealth redistribution is a bad thing?  This is, at least to me, the absolute funniest part.  As we all know by now, 95% of Americans will get a tax cut from Obama, and anyone making under about $125k a year will actually get a bigger tax cut from Obama than from McCain.  As I’m fond of pointing out, if you are reading this blog, chances are you’ll get a better tax cut from Obama than you would from McCain.  Normally Republicans win the tax argument because they convince people that they’ll get better tax cuts from Republicans, but the reason why people are going off on this socialism bender is because McCain has lost the tax argument with Obama.

For a vast majority of the people who will vote on November 4th, to them wealth redistribution means that they’re actually going to get a better tax cut.  Further, populist outrage against corporations, specifically those on Wall Street, has people not really caring too much if the wealthiest five percent has to pay a little more in taxes.


And I could go on and on, but the main point is simply this; this IS the “whitey” tape.  This is the best they have; trying to gin up some sort of Red Scare against Obama as a last ditch attempt to try and wrangle this presidential election at least into something where McCain has a chance at winning.  But if this is all they got, I remain thoroughly unimpressed and unconcerned.

UPDATE: O-Dub has the Obama team’s retort.  Mmm… rapid response, tasty!

One Response to “So This Is What Desperation Smells Like (UPDATE)”

  1. tas says:

    US bombing Syria yesterday smells funny to me, too.

    This wealth distribution = socialism crap still kills me. If this were truly the case, then Bush’s tax cuts make the GOP the biggest socialist organization on the planet. Of course, they redistributed the wealth to the wealthy but hey… That’s still wealth distribution. Furthermore, running on McCain’s ticket is a governor who gave all of her state’s residents a $1200 windfall from oil profits; while sucking down the most revenues per capita from the federal government. And without a hint of shame or irony!

    And these assholes want to discuss their aghast disapproval of wealth distribution? Are you fucking kidding me?

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