Speculation Begins

Last week I wrote that Barack Obama had three cards to play in the final two weeks of this election to rob as much of the remaining news cycles from his opponent as he can.  He’s already played the first two, his September fundraising haul and the Colin Powell endorsement, leaving only his last card; the half hour long ad set to run on the Wednesday before election day.

On this last item, speculation has already begun.

In order for the Obama team to get the maximum impact from this half-hour ad buy, they need to follow a model not unlike the one they employed in rolling out the running mate announcement.  Through their ground breaking text messaging campaign, and through clever leaks to the press, Team Obama managed to own the news cycles for the entire week leading up to the announcement of Joe Biden as running mate.

Now, with two weeks to go and this one major event, Team Obama will likely be looking to get the most bang for their buck, stoking anticipation, and inciting the media to speculate as to the nature of the prime time tv special.  To this regard, the chatter has already begun at the Drudge Report where it is reported that Oprah Winfrey is eager to assist in the production of the high risk ad.

The substance of the rumor itself isn’t necessarily significant.  What is significant is that talk is already beginning a week and a half before the scheduled event.  This bodes well as far as showing a high potential for generating free media and attention in the right direction, thereby stealing more oxygen from McCain’s attempts at dominating the news cycle and getting free publicity that at this point he desperately needs.

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