Story About Politically Motivated Mugging Questionable

There is an almost poetic quality about all of this.  After all, on this day nineteen years ago, Charles Stuart murdered his pregnant wife and blamed it on a black man.

First, let me say this; I have been highly critical of the words and actions we have seen at McCain and Palin rallies.  I also recognize that Obama supporters have crossed the line multiple times throughout the course of this election season.  I make excuses for neither side; these are not the indications of a healthy democracy.

I have been more passionate in my condemnation of McCain supporters not primarily of my partisanship, but because what I see is that the anger we are seeing from the right has been at least to some degree provoked by the ticket itself.  My chief complaint is not against the individual actions; people are going to do stupid things in an election year when emotions are running so high.  My chief complaint is against the candidates whom no reasonable person would hold responsible for the actions of their supporters if the candidates themselves were behaving responsibly.  Unfortunately, I don’t see the behavior of neither McCain nor Palin responsible.

You don’t get to yell “fire!” in a crowded theater and then try and make it better by telling people not to stampede towards the exits.

But when it comes to the actions of supporters on either side of this political contest, I would hope that everyone conducts themselves with a basic standard of civility.  I would hope that Obama supporters have enough sense not to engage in reprehensible acts out of decency, and barring that, at least out of the basic sense that misconduct on our part could end up being the one thing that puts an Obama victory at risk.

So when a McCain supporter is mugged, and then has the letter “B” carved in her cheek for allegedly politically reasons, this is a terrible thing and something that other Obama supporters should be quick to condemn (the Obama campaign already sent the McCain volunteer their condolences).

The campaign volunteer allegedly was mugged at an ATM by a large black man.  He was going to let her go after she gave him sixty dollars, but when he saw that she had a McCain bumper sticker on her car, he allegedly gave her a black eye and carved the letter B in her cheek.

If true, this would be a disgusting story, and one would only hope that this criminal is caught and rightly punished.

But at the beginning of this post there’s an almost poetic, tragically poetic, quality towards this story.  Nineteen years ago to the day a story rose to national prominence when a white man attempted to elude the guilt of murdering his wife by claiming that a black man did it.

What I also find interesting is that of all the blogs out there, the one that I have found that has actually managed to take an investigative look into this story is Wonkette.

In their first post, they highlight the following interesting points:

-The victim for some reason refused medical treatment.

-The story originated from Richard Mellon Scaife’s extremely conservative paper The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.  Bias was clear in the original write up in such a way that allegations of the attack were taken as fact that this was both political and pro-Obama.  In the more mainstream Post-Gazette it is made clear that the police can not and will not substantiate the victim’s claims at this time.

-The “B” carved into the victim’s face was backwards.

Why is it significant that the “B” was backwards?  Because when you start to add everything up, that this was a McCain supporter in a critical area of a critical portion of the electoral map, and she was attacked by exactly the right person who did exactly the right thing (including not being caught by the ATM’s security camera), this all comes together to be very reminiscent of another very famous incident in our not too distant past.

Cue the incident of Morton Downey Jr., a controversial talk show host who had claimed to have been attacked by neo Nazis just as Downey’s ratings were beginning to tank.  In Downey’s case, the swastika that the alleged attackers put on his cheek was backwards… as though Downey did it himself in the mirror (which of course he did).

Wonkette comes through again in a subsequent post in which they happened upon the victim’s Twitter trail.  I’m not kidding, and for corroboration you can check out The Smoking Gun.

It’s almost surreal what we see here.  On the night in question we already see inconsistancies in the story, for instance earlier the victim was pulled over by a police officer for making an illegal u-turn.  She claims first to have talked her way out of the ticket (using a pocket constitution no less), but later she is talking about whether or not she can talk her way out of it in court.

But the key point is in the moments leading up to the alleged attack.  If you are attempting to set the scene for the attack that will later happen, this is exactly the kind of trail you would leave:

Shortly before the reported 9 PM attack, Todd updated her Twitter page with a post noting that she was, “Stubbornly searching for a bank of america to avoid ATM fees.” Soon after, she blogged, “Pretty sure I’m on the wrong side of pittsburgh.” Three hours after that update, Todd wrote, “Oh the blog I will be making soon…Its been a rough night.”

My problem with the story is that it’s simply too convenient, not that being mugged is itself a convenience.  It begins with McCain having next to no shot to win, and most definitely needing Pennsylvania if he is to have a shot, and we have a volunteer that most definitely knows this.

She’s in the most coveted state for McCain and she decides she is going to start tweeting about where she is and what she is doing, going so far as to point out that she is in the part of town where if something bad was going to happen, it would happen there.

She finds the ATM, gets her money, but the mugger isn’t just your run of the mill mugger, but a black and politically motivated mugger that just happens to see the bumper sticker on her car.  He’s smart, too, to stay out of the sight of the security camera, which must also mean that the victim was not wise enough to park her car directly next to the ATM where the security camera would be able to provide evidence if she were attacked anywhere from the ATM all the way to her car.

This creates a situation where it’s her word against… well… no one else’s word because there are no other witnesses that could possibly give an alternative account.

She is then punched, kicked, and has the letter B carved backwards in her face.  Again, the backwards bit is a pretty big deal because either her attacker was not just convenient enough to be big, black, scary, and an Obama supporter, but also dyslexic (Go ahead, just write a B backwards.  I’m not saying it’s impossible, or even difficult.  But it is something you have to physically think about–you have to intentionally write it backwards, and I find it highly suspect that someone in the thrill of the moment is going to take the time to stop and think about carving that B backwards).

A further note on that letter B.  Though it is backwards, it is nearly perfect.

It’s not jagged, there are no off shooting lines you might expect if you are struggling for your life, which is what you would be doing in this kind of situation (No, seriously, you would go into fight or flight at this point).  Even if the assailant had control of the victims head, she would likely move around enough to get the assailant to err at least once.

And then she refuses medical treatment, which also makes very little sense.  If you are mugged and scarred, why would you not at least let someone put a bandage on the wound?  Perhaps because with a bandage that big B doesn’t show up in photographs?

Finally, when we go back to the twitter trail, she is talking about the blog post she is going to write?  Now, I know I’m a little far removed from the younger generations, but if I’m attacked like that, I’m probably not even thinking about either Twitter or my blog–I’m thinking ‘Holy shit, he could have killed me!’

I definitely don’t get on Twitter and start talking about the blog post I’m going to write about getting mugged.

And as I’ve said, the final piece to this equation is that there’s just too much precedent for this kind of thing, you have Stuart and Downey, you have Bob Allen who said he attempted to perform oral sex on an undercover police officer because he was afraid of black people.  This is something that people do; they will frame the stereotypical big scary black guy (in Downey’s case, Nazis) for a crime in order to suit their own needs (the most heinous and infamous incident being the Charles Manson murders, which, if you’ll remember, were committed in the hopes of framing black people and starting a race war).

Now, I recognize the fact that perhaps the victim’s story is true.  But at this time nothing has been substantiated, and her current story as it exists is riddled with holes.  Yet it’s still enough to send the entire right side of the blogosphere ablaze.

If this bizarre story ends up being true, I’ll apologize, I really will.  But right now it’s beginning to look more like a hoax than anything else.

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  1. Kathy says:

    Oh my god, are u kidding? That IS a very weird coincidence. And I remember that incident very well. It was a huge story.

  2. Kathy says:

    Oh, btw, I beat you this time. Doesn’t happen very often, so I’m enjoying it. 🙂

  3. *ahem*

    Yeah, but I was more detailed, and added a couple new things (the perfect B theory), so it took a little longer.

    And I was watching “The Blob” on hulu whilst I wrote this, so there.

    plbtlbtlbtlbt (cyber-raspberry)

  4. Kathy says:

    LOL! Give me the raspberry all you want, I *still* beat you!

  5. Fine! I see I can not rob you of your victory, so I will let you cherish it…

    while it lasts!

  6. IntoxiNation says:

    This story is beyond filled with holes. Take a look at a larger version of that picture. Look at her black eye. There is no swelling, as would be accompanied by such a shiner. Now look even closer. You notice towards the bottom of it, going towards her cheek, that there is squiggly lines – as though it was drawn on. Hmmmm. Also, were are the broken capillaries that accompany a black eye? They are always highly obvious, but not in her case.

  7. Craig says:

    It sounds a little fishy to me, but even if its true, its just one low-life thug. But in this age of political hyperbole, the blogosphere goes of the deep end whenever a jerk behaves badly.

  8. Anton says:

    Am I the only one who can see this.
    If she’s attacked and beaten, and smashed in the face, then even you might admit that she could have been knocked unconscious. The attacker then kneels behind the unconscious woman’s head and then carves a perfectly normal letter B into her cheek.. She doesn’t struggle because she’s out cold. If she wanted to frame someone, surely she would have been advised or known that it would appear backwards.
    You’re so busy looking for conspiracies that you seem to have overlooked the patently obvious. Just look at the image. That was the first thing I noticed.

  9. Donna says:

    Nope I’m not buying it either. No swelling, no discoloration, just smudgy looking eyeliner/mascara for the “black eye”. I wouldn’t want medical attention either if they could wipe off my black eye in the ER. And then there is the mirror image B, now this is supposed to be a savage attack with a knife, and yet the alleged attacker barely breaks the skin? Was he using a butter knife? Or did he decide he only wanted to gently scrape the B into her face and not really carve it in his “rage”. And you’ve already mentioned the fact that she held still while he carved a letter in her cheek so he could make it nice and neat. And why didn’t she park right in front of the ATM with it’s camera? She’s in the “bad” part of town and wants to walk a block to the ATM? Oh and Anton, where did she say she was knocked out cold? I didn’t see that part. Also while she is scratching the B in her face it wouldn’t look backwards to her in the mirror.

  10. Donna says:

    Oh and Kyle, you forgot that Susan Smith also blamed a black man for kidnapping her children when she is the one who murdered them.

  11. April says:

    We’re all missing a big reason it’s fake. If an Obama supporter had done this, he would have put an “O” on her face. When I read it was a B, I had to think for a second why the B was significant. EVERYTHING dealing with the Obama campaign has the O – from the logo to the homemade signs to buttons and jewelry.

  12. Sharon says:

    I think this is disgusting. If in fact, this woman is found to have lied—she needs to be arrested. I am not in support of McCain (although I am Republican), but for either side to do this is equivalent to spitting on the political process. I feel bad for the McCain campaign if in deed this turns out to be a hoax (and trust me, if Fox News is reporting that it is questionable because their Pittsburgh affiliate believes it to be. . . IT’S A HOAX!!!) Fox would have run with this were it true.
    Great call to everyone about the non-swelling and broken capilaries—impressive! I’m a nurse and never even thought of that! She is still being questioned now (according to Pittsburgh sources) and a day after the attack, she should look even worse (bruises have a specific pattern that they follow, police and medical workers need to know this for abuse cases such as old injuries vs. new injuries)—wonder if the makeup looks the same today?????

  13. Kathy says:

    Re Donna and Kyle: I have an incident of this nature, too, although it never got any publicity beyond the local paper. A woman in Montclair, NJ, where I used to live, was raped about 8 years ago. She is a late-middle-aged woman and I know her personally, because she’s a realtor and she sold me and my ex-husband our house in Montclair. She also sold me the house I moved into after my ex and I divorced. That’s not related to what happened, just additional detail.

    Anyway, she was raped by a young white man. He broke into her house after having cut the phone lines. Because it was nighttime, the lights were off, and he was wearing a ski cap or some kind of face covering, she could not see his face or any other part of his exposed body, and when she reported the crime, she said she *thought* the rapist was a black man, which turned out to be false. BUT the reason she thought he was a black man was because he deliberately affected black vocal intonations, what some people call a “black accent.”

    When he was caught (and I forget the details of how he was caught), his deception was exposed.

  14. Faye Kane says:

    === PATTERNS:

    — The partisan mugging happened in Pennsylvania, a critical swing state.

    — After he had the money, a real mugger would have run away. He would NOT have cut her face because of who she’s voting for, particularly since that would make her scream.

    — In almost all stickups on the street, the guy uses a gun, not a knife. This may indicate an intention to cut someone (to get news coverage) even before the guy supposedly “noticed” her bumper sticker.

    — The person cut was not a man, an old person, an unattractive person, a black, or Asian. Instead, the victim just happens to be a pretty young white woman. (Unfortunately) this makes people angrier.

    — Real street muggers are probably drug addicts and are unlikely to be interested in politics enough to disfigure someone for no reason.

    — It is also unlikely that a Democrat would hate McCain enough to cut a stranger’s face — an act which could only show the intention of getting news coverage. However, crowds at McCain rallies routinely call for the assassination of Obama.

    — The victim was not just someone who happened to have a McCain bumper sticker like millions of other people. She was also, “coincidentally”, a volunteer for the McCain-Palin campaign and a member of the campus Young Republicans. This may indicate that the goal was to enrage Republicans and get them to contribute, volunteer, etc.


    — More than 50 letters containing white powder have been mailed to banks all over the country.

    — There were bomb threats to several Senate offices.

    (counting all the fake anthrax as a single incident)

    — None of these terrorist incidents happened until after the last debate and after it became clear that McCain was probably going to loose.

    — There have been no terrorist incidents in the U.S. since 2001; now there have been three within a week. That distribution is improbable and indicates they may be coordinated.

    — All the incidents occurred either nationally or in a swing state, but none in a red or blue state. Since there are fifty states but only five which could go either way, this coincidence has a probability of 1 in 10.

    — All the incidents tend to frighten people. Frightened people vote republican.

    — The republicans have been pushing the false idea that Obama is a dangerous terrorist who will do anything to win. AM talk radio will now claim that these incidents are evidence of that.

    — These attacks are NEVER potentially fatal. Serious terrorist threats ALWAYS are.

    — More than FIFTY fake anthrax letters were sent, not just one, as in all other anthrax incidents, fake or real. This was a publicity stunt.

    — Even after the story went national, the guy still sent fake anthrax letters, knowing that the recipient would probably know it’s fake.

    — Fake anthrax might be sent as a prank, but FIFTY of them indicate that the guy is serious, yet he makes no demands; it was all just for show. Somebody is trying to affect the election.

    — The republicans have done things like this before (Watergate, and Nixon’s dirty tricks unit, stealing both elections, etc.).

    === THEORY:

    Rove’s thugs did it. Their goal was to blame Obama’s supporters and again claim that Obama is pro-terrorist.


    — Prediction: All the fake anthrax turns out to have been sent to republican senators only, or republicans and just one democrat.

    — Prediction: Any future incidents will continue to occur either at a national institution or in a swing state, but never in a red or blue state.

    — Prediction: If a national news organization points out that all the targets were financial/republican, there will suddenly be attacks against democrats.

    — Prediction: The stamps on the fake anthrax letters will have no DNA under them (from saliva), indicating that whoever sent them is not just a disgruntled redneck, but is in fact extraordinarily sophisticated.

    — Prediction: the FBI will be unable to find who did any of these things, indicating that Rove was very, very careful to make it untraceable to him.

    — Prediction: If the FBI does find the guy, we says that it wasn’t his idea; someone suggested it to him. That “someone” will not just be a republican, but will have a history of actually doing things to support the party.

    — Prediction: These “terrorist” incidents will happen again before the election. In particular, more fake anthrax will be mailed even after the mailings are known by everyone to be fake.

    — Prediction: future incidents will be more visible and newsworthy as polls show McCain still way behind. They may involve bombings, airports, threats to a crowd instead if individuals, threats to children, etc. — anything that causes a gut-level emotional response of anger.

    — Prediction: Future incidents will become increasingly partisan. You might see notes left at the scene saying something like “Obama’s Warriors For The People did this”.

    — Prediction: Future incidents will all be things which could be done by an individual; they would not require a group conspiracy like 9/11. You will not see simultaneous bombings or hijackings, for instance. This is consistent with only Rove and two or three top people needing to know who’s behind it.

    — Prediction: The most extreme incident in this sudden wave of domestic terrorism will be on November 3.

    — Prediction: these incidents will stop after the election.

    — faye kane, homeless brain
    Read more of my smartmouth opinions at

  15. Nobby says:

    Well it’s now official, the silly bint was lying, as though that were not more than a little obvious.

    What saddens me is they’re talking about ‘mental health’ but frankly it’s a crime deserving of punishment, not treatment.

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