Ten And A Wake Up


This campaign is still moving strong, and the odds are still tilted in our favor, but that is no excuse to rest on our laurels. This election is going to take each and every one of us to work as hard as we can–we can’t get this done unless you do it with us.

So get out there and keep up the hard work. Pick a part of the Obama platform and learn it and spread the word. Get well versed on his tax plan, and tell all those Joe the Plumbers that chances are they’ll actually have more tax relief under Obama than McCain. Get comfortable with the Obama foreign policy team’s concept of dignity promotion, and explain to folks how this philosophy has far more potential than the miserable failure democracy promotion ended up being.

And remember, we have to work harder today especially as Obama spends what could be the last private moment with his ailing grandmother. Now is the time when he needs us to be there the most.

So you have your marching orders.

Get to work!

2 Responses to “Ten And A Wake Up”

  1. Bob van Ee says:

    Why does Biden support VAWA and Obama support Responsible Fatherhood Act? Time for some Blue Dawgs to call for Father’s Rights in a progressive environment.

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