The Mother Of All Gaffes

That’s it, everyone pack it up and go home.  John McCain walks away with the number one verbal slip up of the presidential election (an astounding title as this bests even “My fellow prisoners,” and the complete “I couldn’t agree with them more” failure).  Thank you so much Wonkette for catching this.


4 Responses to “The Mother Of All Gaffes”

  1. terry says:


    He needs a 4 year vacation.

  2. There are a lot of things that McCain needs right now, and I’m afraid that a four year vacation accounts for only a small fraction of those things.

  3. Craig says:

    How grade school! Look, he said a wordy durd!!! snicker snicker

    I see no mention of Biden’s classic goof. How many letters are in J-O-B-S, Joe?

    If public speakers speak enough, EVERYONE will do these kind of things.


  4. Come on, Craig. You have to grant me a little fun every once in a while.


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