The Solution to Palin’s Interview Problem

“Let Sarah be Sarah,” is the battle cry from the multitudes of Palin fans that have had to watch their new national hero suffer under the rank, and partisan attacks from in the tank hacks like Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric.  Obviously, the problem with Palin isn’t that she “isn’t ready for prime time,” so much as that she has been handled too much by the McCain campaign, bound up by a host of campaign operatives to the point where the Alaskan governor can’t tell up from down, or, apparently the name of a newspaper.

But that’s not quite the solution the McCain campaign has in mind.

Oh, they’ll let Palin be Palin all right, just not in front of a harsh interviewer such as Katie Couric who has been known to make far more seasoned politicians break down in a fit of tears.

Instead, the solution to Palin’s interview problem is to make sure that from now until November 4th, Sarah Palin only grants interviews to friendly media entities, you know, such as Fox, or Rush Limbaugh.

The plan formed itself at an obvious point in the election timeline.  To date, Palin has sat down with four interviewers since becoming the Republican running mate; Charlie Gibson, Katie Couric, Sean Hannity, and Hugh Hewitt.

I find it somewhat interesting that there’s something almost resembling the scientific method in the logic that follows.  In the instances where Sarah Palin speaks to members of the actual mainstream media, Gibson and Couric, the result is that Palin’s performance ends up as a punchline.  And not just one punchline, but the kinds of punchlines that fill the dreams of stand up comedians and late night talk show hosts.

When she is interviewed by rightwing hacks, on the other hand (Hannity and Hewitt), there may not be an awful lot of interest, but at least people don’t see uncannily accurate parodies on Saturday Night Live.

This is likely because the questions that come from the two different types of interviewer are vastly different.  When asked questions by actual mainstream media journalists, Palin finds herself being forced to understand and comment upon things like world affairs and the economy.  When asked questions from rightwing hacks, all Palin usually has to do is talk about how terrible Barack Obama and Joe Biden are, or how moose hunting has helped her be an awesome mom.

One category of questions Palin is all over, the other category… not so much.

It is needless to point out how utterly ridiculous this is.  Only that Barack Obama managed to have the temerity to go on Fox and be interviewed twice.  For a Republican that’s easy enough to do, but, and I know this can be hard to believe, the term “lion’s den” is not exactly hyperbole when describing the network for Democrats.

Come on!  I thought Palin was a pitbull with lipstick?  Isn’t she tough enough to be interviewed by such rabid Obama-philes like Wolf Blitzer?

One Response to “The Solution to Palin’s Interview Problem”

  1. DrGail says:

    See now, here’s the problem:

    To date, Palin has sat down with four interviewers since becoming the Republican running mate; Charlie Gibson, Katie Couric, Sean Hannity, and Hugh Hewitt.

    If she stood up for those interviews, she would have done so much better. She’s from Alaska, don’tcha know, and Alaskans are tough. Sitting down is just too coddling for them; they’re more comfortable standing up!

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