The Ugliness of McCain Supporters

Every election year, you see ugliness from supporters on all sides.  I won’t deny that, but in this election year, I think it is important to divorce ourselves from the evils of false equivalency.  While there are reports of bad behavior from both Obama and McCain supporters, let’s not kid ourselves, McCain supporters are uglier.

Friday, my boss gave me an interesting task.  She knows that I do volunteer work at the local Obama campaign office, and she asked me if I could get her a couple of lawn signs over the weekend.  I asked her why, and she explained that in her neighborhood there were a lot of McCain signs, but no Obama signs.

She further explained that she and her neighbor were both supporting Obama, but every time her neighbor put up an Obama sign, it would get stolen shortly thereafter.  As a result, my boss was hoping that I could get one for the neighbor and one for her.  The gesture was, I believe, one of solidarity.

Lawn sign stealing is nothing new.  But some of the things that people are doing are getting ridiculous.  For instance, we come to find out that at an Obama rally in North Carolina, someone slashed the tires of at least thirty vehicles.  Also, Oliver Willis flagged one supporter who video taped a woman tearing down a home made Obama sign that took him hours to make (sorry, no link, for some reason I’m having trouble bringing up Willis’ website.  If the issue clears up I’ll link to it later).

As isolated incidents, yes, you can see similar ugliness from the Obama campaign, but again when you compare this to the kind of hate we have seen at McCain and Palin rallies, it forms a pattern.  Funnily enough though, I kind of hope that they continue.

That’s because this red faced anger equates to intimidation, but this is America, and right here and right now, you can’t intimidate us to the point of not voting, you only strengthen our resolve.  I wonder if the people who slashed tires at the Obama rally really think they are stopping the victims from voting when in truth they probably only strengthened their resolve.  The lady who tore down the Obama sign most definitely didn’t break the spirit of the young man who made it.

I wonder how much more money Obama raised from people who saw supporters at McCain and Palin rallies call him a terrorist or a traitor.  I wonder how much money that man who stuck an Obama sticker to a monkey doll inadvertantly raised for the candidate he was insulting.  How often do people see things like this and think to themselves, ‘I know I’m going to have to work harder now’?

I can’t quantify, but I know that the angrier these people get, the more resolve from the other side they engender.  The more hate I see on display, the more I know Obama supporters are going to fight that hate at the polls.

As for the person who stole my boss’s neighbor’s lawn sign… well, I know exactly the repurcussions of their acts.  Tonight there will be not one, but two more Obama lawn signs on display, just as there is now an Obama sign in front of my house.  Oh, and I made about sixty more lawn signs on top of that.

So keep it up, McCain supporters.  You’re only giving us more of a reason to work hard and make sure your hatred dies in a blaze of glory come November 4th.

7 Responses to “The Ugliness of McCain Supporters”

  1. Craig says:

    These kind of “our side acts less ugly to our oppositions’ supporters” posts are goofy. I can pull out isolated incidents that have been posted on conservative sites of people vandalizing cars that have a McCain bumper sticker, or destruction/removal of signs, or people jeering and giving the finger to people with Mccain signs, etc etc. There are always going to be political supporters who have a high passion/low maturity combination that results in doing such things. It’s ultimately a pointless discussion.

    I await the post about how Obama supporters are also better looking and have better hygiene.

  2. Kathy says:

    Craig, Kyle’s point is that the ugliness directed toward Obama supporters are NOT isolated incidents, because they are part of a pattern of hatred and irrational anger that is rooted in and stoked by the McCain campaign itself.

  3. Actually, Craig, I’m pretty sure that I’m far more attractive than you. No, really, I’m a paragon of male sexuality, it’s just a fact.

  4. Jimmie says:

    Ugliness, huh?

    Whose campaign bus got shot at today? Which candidate’s follower yanked a campaign sign from a woman in Manhattan and beat her with it?

    Yeah…you keep whining about “ugliness” while the Obamabots continue to commit serious crimes against human beings.

  5. Craig says:

    Unless something new has come in, I think the bus thing is unproven and likely false.

    Kyle, at least you’re apparently unsure about the hygiene part.

  6. Well, I have people fear, and have engineered my whole life around not having to deal with people, as a result I really don’t care much about hygiene. Usually my wife has to remind me to brush my teeth and take a shower.

    But still, even when I go days without the basic cleansing rituals society typically encourages, I’m a damn sexy man.

  7. Chelsea says:

    Well I live in CA and I have already had my care writen on for having a Mcain for pres sticker. They wrote “Obama Bitch” all over my car and I had an article on Mcain on my desk at work and someon drew on Mcain’s face and used a sharpi to spell out “SUCKS” across the paper.
    I also have a friend that had their care keyed because he had a “NO BAMA” sticker on his car.
    I thin it is pathetic, I would never do these things to peoples belongings because they have different views. This is fucking america and everyone should be able to choose for them selves with out the harresment of others.

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