There’s Another Reason They Don’t Want To Talk About The Economy

The McCain campaign has been more than clear that they don’t want to talk about the economy.  Ostensibly this is because by default the Democratic party and Barack Obama are generally more trusted on the subject.  However, there is another reason why they don’t want to talk about the economy; every time they do, they end up sounding like complete and total fools.

In this instance, it’s a case of rewriting history as it actually happens.  From Steve Benen:

On a campaign conference call this afternoon, Dick Davis, McCain’s campaign manager, said McCain deliberately “blew up” the original bailout package in order to keep ACORN from receiving federal funding. Davis told reporters:

“[I]n the middle of the greatest disaster in our financial system that we’d had in our lifetime that the Democrats in the United States Senate would actually link payments to ACORN in the bailout package that they promoted prior to Sen. McCain coming to town and actually blowing that package up.

“So we can actually say that in addition to saving taxpayers millions of dollars, and we’re very happy that no more taxpayer dollars were added to the pile of money going to ACORN. Uh, by their own admission because, by the Democrats’ own admission because John McCain came to town and blew that package up. Thank goodness.”

Absolutely, completely, and totally hilarious.  I think I might have actually dribbled a little pee into my boxers actually.  That’s because this is the very same bill that John McCain was already claiming victory over right until it passed.  Lindsey Graham was on the teevees saying, “Thank God for John McCain!”

McCain himself was reminding everyone with a microphone and a camera that he had suspended his campaign to pass that bill and was doing everything in his power to take credit for it right up until it failed.

Now he’s trying to take credit for the failure?  All of a sudden I have images in my head of Pee Wee Herman saying, “I meant to do that.”

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