They’re Just Like Us (Part… Oh, Who’s Really Keeping Track)

A little fashion trivia here.  Well, not so much trivia as much as just something to ponder.  You know I always kind of wondered why Sarah Palin continued to wear that red top with the choker collar after Tina Fey wore it during the first SNL skit.  In the grand scale of things this isn’t that big of a deal, I admit this, but you know that first Tina Fey impression was pretty devestating, and that red choker coat at least in my mind became iconic.

From that moment on, every time I see Palin wear that thing, or red in general for that matter, it sends a not so subliminal message to me that says, “I got pwn’d on SNL by Tina Fey.”

Okay, this isn’t post isn’t about the nature of the relationship between Tina Fey and Sarah Palin, but it is about Sarah Palin’s fashion.  More specifically, it’s about how much it costs for Sarah Palin to wear the fancy threads that she wears.

Apparently there are some perks to getting picked as running mate, perks such as a $150,000 spending spree at some of the glitziest stores courtesy the RNC!  Yes, the hockey mom from Wasilla didn’t get her high power, mildly femdom, wardrobe from Wal*Mart, but instead from such fine small town family businesses like Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue.  Even better, all of this is coming from donors, so for all of you who gave twenty dollars to the RNC, you can rest assured that that money was well spent… buying an infinitesimally small fraction of Palin’s shoes.

Now, some may ask why make a big deal out of this?  After all, I don’t care about what some washed up running mate spends on clothes.  But if the entire wingnut-o-sphere gets to stir itself up into a frenzy over a $500 haircut for John Edwards, I think it’s more than fair to go after Palin for her $4,000 do.

Out of touch?  Well, if you didn’t think Palin was out of touch because she had a tanning bed installed in the Governor Mansion in Alaska, I don’t see how this would change your mind.

3 Responses to “They’re Just Like Us (Part… Oh, Who’s Really Keeping Track)”

  1. Plumb Bob says:

    It was only a few days ago that we watched Chris Matthews attempt to chide Rep Bachman about the sheer irrelevance of focusing on Obama’s habit of drawing his friends and associates from the farthest reaches of leftward radicalism. How can she do that, he scolded, when there are such important issues facing the nation?

    If I ever hear a Democrat make another, similar complaint, I’m going to print out this gossip piece along with the literally dozens of others from major leftward blogs fulminating and spluttering about Palin’s wardrobe, wad them into as irregular a shape as I can manage, and perform a sinus exam on that Democrat with them.

    Democrats demand a discussion of “issues” when they want to change the subject. However, when they feel that visceral twinge that makes them want to make another human being hurt, the relevance of the subject does not matter. This is proof.

    Democrats are barbarians.

  2. You wanna perform a sinus exam on me? That’s kinda gross.

  3. Donna says:

    WTF Bob? She’s your candidate PRETENDING to be lil Ms All American while she spends donor money at the fanciest stores in the nation. She’s the one calling Obama an elitist. She’s the one claiming she’s just a hockey mom, jane sixpack, average shmoe. She’s the one against welfare and socialism UNLESS IT’S HER FAMILY CASHING IN! Then she turns into Greedy Grabster. She charges the state of Alaska when she goes home for fucks sake! She charges Alaska to fly her children all over the damn place and stay in the fanciest Hotels in NYC! She’s a fucking one woman earmark!

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