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Gwen Ifill’s black and she’s concerned about the plight of her people in politics.  ZOMG!@#!  Bias!

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  1. xranger says:

    No, the fact that she wrote a book favorable to Obama, to be released in January, indicates she could make more money off of said book if Obama wins.

    And she happens to have a great spot to influence the election tonight, regarding questions to Palin.

    At the very least, this does not show any journalistic integrity (if there ever was any).

  2. tas says:

    How is the book favorable to Obama? Has anybody read excerpts of it yet? I doubt it because I haven’t seen any. And if her book is so pro-Obama, wouldn’t it make sense to release it, uhm, NOW? When it could influence an election? Oops, your logic has failed you! Dipshit.

  3. nitrain says:

    The book is titled: “Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama”. How the F is that not considered Pro-Obama, she’s giving him is own age/era, like he is breaking all these supposed impenetrable (sic) barriers.

    How about the next debates, we get Jerome Corsi, author of the Obama Nation, to moderate? Imagine the uproar over that from the loonie left. Oh, but I guess it’s okay for Ifill to moderate because she’s black and concerned for her race in politics.

    That’s another thing that pisses me off. The only nutjobs that bring up race are the Democrats. If it wasn’t for them keeping Black people down, they wouldn’t be able to get elected as dog catchers in Catville.

  4. xranger says:

    Tas, can you sound any more stupid? Who would want to buy the book if he loses?

    Kyle, are you letting high school kids blog here again?

  5. tas says:

    nitrain, try a little critical thinking for once. Obama is the first serious black nominee for president who actually has a shot at winning. The. First. If you don’t think that makes him worthy of his own age in politics, then I’m not sure what qualifies him for such. And as I mentioned before, there’s not an excerpt available. All you peckerheads are screaming “BIAS!” when you know the title of the book. That’s it! The title! Could you have any less information to base your conclusions off of? What’s next.. The word “the” is biased? Jumpin’ Jesus…

    Hey xranger, yes, exactly, who would want to buy the book if he loses? So, uhm, that’s why I, uhm, mentioned hw the date it will be available for sale, kinda, uhm.. Ahh, forget it. If you didn’t get it the first time, you’re just too fucking stupid anyways.

  6. tas says:

    And another thing: Ifill was widely known to have been writing this book since July. Both the Obama and McCain campaigns agreed — yes, the McCain camp agreed — to have Ifill moderate the veep debate in August. If you fucking morons have such a problem with this, why didn’t you or your asshole candidate protest then?

    Take your phony stories of bias that you whip out at the last minute and shove them up your fucking ass, you idiots.

  7. xranger says:

    You’re pretty tough hiding behind the keyboard, dickless.

  8. tas says:

    You’re proven to be a fucking idiot and your only response is to challenge me to a fist fight? That’s hilarious. How so very… Republican of you.

    Is it that tough to admit you’re wrong?

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