This just in: Colin Powell is black!

On the heels of Gen. Colin Powell, Bush’s former Secretary of State, endorsing Obama for President, Queen Wingnut Michelle Malkin would like to remind you that Powell is black.  She did such by running this photo of him (which could be photoshopped, for all I know):

With this photo, the Queen Wingnut not only shows that Powell is black but she demonstrates the extent his opacity.  Look!  He’s hanging out with rappers!  Did you know they’re black too?!  They sing about all them bitches and hoes!  And there’s Powell, dancing with them!  The next thing you know, Powell will give both of them a terrorist fist bump!  Quick whitey, run for your life!  Run like Carl Lewis! ..oops, I mean Usain Bolt! ..oops, I mean Jesse Owens! ..oops, I mean..  Christ, there aren’t any fast white track stars, are there?  Bah, doesn’t matter; run like Babe Ruth.  Just go go go!  BEFORE THEY GET YOU!

Bonus track:

This is completely off-topic.  In comments, Sylvia/M points out that the Powell photo is real, and recent: it’s from the Africa Rising event in London.  To quote the Fox News headline: “Hip-Hop-Dancing Colin Powell Fuels Speculation He’ll Endorse Obama“.  I must protest the “hip hop dancing” part, though, because this photo…

…looks more like disco dancing to me.  The 1970s called, Gen. Powell.  They want their dance moves back.

I kid, I kid..  But when I run across photos like this, I can’t help but giggle like a little school girl.  I hope one of his friends has enough humor to frame it, wrap it up and give it to him for Christmas; because if there was a photo like this of one of my friends, that’s exactly what I’d do.  But that’s only because I’m a huge asshole. 🙂

32 Responses to “This just in: Colin Powell is black!”

  1. Kathy says:

    Kyle, stop!@ stop! I’m laughing so hard I’m peeing my pants!!!!

  2. Brenda Kula says:

    Tis to be expected, this unfortunate ugliness, isn’t it? In the face of such obvious desperation. They’ll stoop to most anything at this point, I’m afraid.

  3. tas says:

    I know, Brenda. These are the exact same people who saw fit to impeach Clinton for sex acts.

  4. Sylvia/M says:

    Unfortunately (for verification purposes and not for the lulz), that’s not a photoshopped picture. FOX News led a story earlier in the week speculating Powell would endorse Obama because he was dancing to hip-hop (as seen at that pic) during the Africa Rising event in London.

    Getting your swerve on + brown skin = doing the “Obama two-step” in Wingnutsia.

  5. tas says:

    Thanks for the link, Sylvia. This has me wondering why the Queen Wingnut didn’t use this Powell photo instead because.. say what you want about the man.. That photo is just plain embarrassing. 🙂

  6. Lisa says:

    Wasn’t he called a house nigger by the blacks he now embraces? Hmmmm, just trying to fit in I guess. What a joke he is anyways. he is so liberal the left can have him.

  7. matttbastard says:

    I didn’t realize Harry Belafonte had been elected grand spokesnegro by the Vast African Conspiracy–must have been absent from that meeting.

    (You got a thrill up your leg while typing ‘nigger’, didn’t you, Lisa? Sent little starbursts through the screen and ricocheting around your living room.)

  8. radical_Moderate says:

    Jesus I can’t stomach Michele Malkin, every essay of hers seems to be written on the edge of hysteria. How would she feel if a prominent Asian came into power and ugly assumptions were made about him (say that he was secretly spying for the Chinese?)

    Lisa: ” What a joke he is anyways. he is so liberal the left can have him.” Yeah right, and you wing-nuts were so, so, enthusiastic when he was sipping the kool-aid and doing Darth Vadar’s bidding vis a vis Iraq (that would be DICK Cheney), and now that he has made a decision based on what is GOOD for the country? Not so much. I’m just waiting for the first mud sling calling Powell “a black Liberationist,” after all, that’s all you people can do since your ideology has ultimately proven to be, and I will ironically borrow a term from Peggy Noonan:, a “flopperoonie.”

  9. Dave B says:

    The original framers envisioned government on the federal level to be fairly simple and bound the states with the articles of confederation. Government money, if spent properly, would be spent on roads, infrastructure for government, law enforcement and related things (federal prisons, courts, etc), military and related things, and very few other things. Look at the abomination we call the federal government now. Why am I paying for someone in LA to sign up and vote, a TV or radio channel? Scholarships? Feel Good Programs? They replaced the Church, charities, city and town commitments with government. The first things to be cut in times of budget restrictions are those exact things that your federal tax money was supposed to support in the first place. If the tax money is spent on anything with the term “program” then chances are we don’t need to spend tax money on it.

  10. Kathy says:

    If the tax money is spent on anything with the term “program” then chances are we don’t need to spend tax money on it.

    I’m glad to hear you feel that way, Dave B. I think we should start implementing your philosophy with these programs, right here.

  11. tas says:

    Take your stupid limited government bullshit and shove it up your ass, Dave. “I believe the founders…” — oh, what an original fucking thought! Justify your stupidity with “I believe the founders..” Fuck you. I doubt you’re a historian — therefore I doubt you know jack fucking shit about what the founders thought. Which makes sense, since you’re against scholarships and government spending for education so I doubt you got one. I know this is news to you, but learning to read without drooling on the pages doesn’t mean you’re intelligent, so shut the fuck up. Asshole.

  12. Real American (non-communist) says:

    Frankly, if he were black and running for office today, blacks in this country would vote for Adolf Hitler.

  13. tas says:

    Spoken like a Real Douchebag, fucknuts.

  14. Kathy says:

    Frankly, Real Anti-American, if Adolf Hitler were white and running for office today, and if his opponent were Jesus, and black, a lot of whites in this country — very much including you — would vote for Hitler.

    AND you would say you voted for Hitler because Jesus was too liberal, not because he was black.

  15. radical_Moderate says:

    Holy moly the wing-nuts are out in full force, but surely there must be some thoughtful Conservatives somewhere? Not on CFLF apparently. I also want to point out, in case there are those who don’t know, Michele Malkin is Asian, so double shame on her playing the “race card.”

  16. Joe Black says:

    “Loaning brain cells to those in need”

    Loaning brain cells!!!!!!
    Which brain cell are these that you want to loan,not the ones that you yourself is in desperately need of.Try loaning a brain for yourself instead .

    Obamasucks Sarahpalinsrocks

  17. jerry malone says:

    Moonbats parading how sad.

  18. jerry malone says:

    Colin Powell is not black,he is yellow.

  19. tas says:

    rad_mod: I also want to point out, in case there are those who don’t know, Michele Malkin is Asian, so double shame on her playing the “race card.”

    Speaking of Malkin and shame: Heh.

    Malkin is the kind of person who well sell out anybody for a buck.

  20. jerry malone says:

    Malkin is the type of person who would sell anybody for a buck………really??

    And Colin Powell, didn’t sellout.

  21. jerry malone says:

    Problem with the liberals it that when they are born their brain are sucked out.
    And replaced with shit for brains.

  22. tas says:

    Jerry, you drooling fucking fucktard, did you listen to any of Powell’s endorsement? The man spoke uninterrupted on MtP for damn near 8 minutes — he explained his decision quite clearly.

    You’re trying to tell me that Michelle Fucking Malkin — who can’t even admin that she’s not the author of her posts on her own blog — has more integrity then Powell? You do realize that Powell is a retired general and Malkin is a, a.. What fuck has she done besides write shit?

    At this point, most people would see their folly. But I suspect you’re too fucking stupid too realize such.

  23. jerry malone says:

    I expected this kind of a reply from a retarded brain dead thickheaded goose that is shoveling shit trying to protect Powell .You liberal supporters are so thick that you can’t see any further than your noses.
    Yes Powell was a general,and if a general were to change sides in a crisis,guess what, he would be put against a wall………………Take a tablet and go back to sleep.

  24. Thanks,, I’m sure you’re totally unbiased.

  25. Kathy says:

    tas, Kyle… Please, please, please: Tell me these people are pink elephants. There can’t be more than a handful of cretins like “jerry malone,” can there?

  26. jerry malone says:

    Kathy a cretin is some one who pees her pants(You do wear a nappy I hope) and who can’t string a sentence to gather,where do you get off calling others names.Grow up……. pink elephants indeed.

  27. Dave B says:

    Actually I am a historian, “defense programs” are included in Military and Military infrastructure, and for all you lemmings that think Government is the answer to everything and big government is good then that means that an even bigger government (like Cuba, Venezuela, China) must be the best. Occasionally I’ll end up on a liberal site and I’ve gotta say the brilliance of your arguments is astounding… “shut the fuck up”, “douche-bag”,? Put your helmet back on and get back on the short bus “tas.” What a moron.

  28. Kathy says:

    Actually I am a historian…”

    Yeah, and I’m a nuclear physicist.

    Or, put another way, you shouldn’t admit that you’re a historian, because now we know you’re lousy at what you do.

    “defense programs” are included in Military and Military infrastructure, …

    In other words, when you wrote in your first comment, that “If the tax money is spent on anything with the term ‘program’ then chances are we don’t need to spend tax money on it,” you were talking out of your ass, OR you don’t know what a “program” is, OR you don’t know that tax money is spent on defense programs, OR, most likely, all three.

  29. tas says:

    Holy crap, this thread is still going on?

    DaveB.. “Historian”, douchetard, all around reject. I’d say it’s good to see you again but I’d be lying. I find your historian schtick hilarious… Historian? Really! So you’re an academic professional and you’re posting comments without using your real name? Sounds like you’ve got things to hide. If you’re such a historian, where did you get your PhD from? Who was your adviser? What was the topic of your thesis? Are you a professor now or did you land a historian job in another field, like government or an NGO? And if you’re such a historian do you know anything at all about the Great Depression? FDR instituted a lot of government programs and regulations during that time and they ended up doing some good since unfettered capitalism without government interference kinda, uhm, failed.

    During perilous economic times like these, to be of the opinion that minimizing the government should be our first concern is the height of backwards thought. Your ideology isn’t original — it died in the 1930s. Or, at least, it should have. The world is far more complex then your simplistic thought process.

    As for your little false logic games about “Why don’t you like Cuba,” those are less worthy or a response. You’re lucky I’m even paying attention to your pea-sized brain right now.

    Furthermore, what the fuck does this conversation have to do with the topic? I make a post about wingnut racism and you’re complaining about government programs. One track mind much? Maybe you need a fucking hobby.

  30. jerry malone says:

    Hey tas,the amount of crap you spew could fertilize the planet.

  31. tas says:

    Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.

  32. jerry malone says:

    Tas you and that Kathy should bang your heads to gather very hard,that just might jump-start the few brain cells that the two of you have.If that doesn’t work try connecting your car booster cables
    to the lateral region on either side of your head,above the zygomatic arch.Good Luck.


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