Troopergate And Robocalls

Domenico Montanero at First Read has a Must Read up today regarding Sarah Palin on two totally different subjects.

Posts like that one suck for someone like me because I really want to do two posts about the one post, but at the same time that might be considered a little gratuitous.  Bah, you don’t read this blog to listen to me whine about blogging, so I’ll just muddle through.

The first point of interest is the development of Troopergate.  Both Sarah and Todd Palin will be conducting interviews some time later this week to further determine whether or not Alaska State ethics laws were in fact broken.

Obviously I’m no legal eagle, so don’t take this as expert opinion, but I kind of thought that when the Branchflower report came out saying that Palin did in fact break ethics laws that that was kind of conclusive.  In any case, what we see here is that the McCain campaign is already kicking the week off on its heels in the news from the Colin Powell endorsement, and now some time this week we will see another burst of Troopergate stories as these interviews are likely to warrant.

I can’t imagine it being a good thing to have your running mate interviewed regarding an ethics scandal with less than two weeks to election day.

The other point of interest in this post is Sarah Palin’s opinion on the Robocalls:

On the tarmac, Palin also referred to robocalls as “inside baseball,” suggesting it was not her call for the campaign to randomly call voters with negative attacks on Obama. “If I called all the shots, and if I could wave a magic wand, I would be sitting at a kitchen table with more and more Americans … and not having to rely on the old conventional ways of campaigning that includes those robocalls and includes spending so much money on the television ads that I think is kinda draining out there in terms of Americans’ attention span,” she said.

In my estimation, this is a train wreck of a statement.  First, it’s amazing to watch Sarah Palin disagree with the top of the ticket so openly about basic campaign strategy.  This does not create the image of a cohesive team, and in fact paints a picture of a more openly antagonistic campaign than Hillary Clinton was running in the primaries.  I don’t think people expect the president and vice president to agree on every little thing, but Palin has been so off message in recent weeks, forcing McCain to walk back her comments so often, it’s more than a little disconcerting.

And, of course, when they can’t walk it back, they both just, you know, call themselves a “Team of Mavericks!” and hope no one will notice.

Also, too, I’m kind of shocked to see Sarah Palin question whether or not Americans have attention spans long enough to sit through a thirty-second political ad.  I mean, I know we as a nation have kind of become inflicted with this massive case of ADD, but still… thirty seconds?  Really?  Did we all just devolve into chimpanzees over the course of the past four years or something?

I’m just saying

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  1. Brenda Kula says:

    Frankly, it’s Sarah Palin’s attention span I’m concerned about. And that Todd Palin really concerns me. There’s just something about him that troubles me greatly. One of those female instinct things I guess. I will never be able to hear the word “maverick” ever again without thinking about her standing at that podium spouting such gibberish. In those ridiculously high heels smiling like the girl in the pageant saying “you betcha!” when asked what she would do to make the world a better place. After all, she couldn’t answer a question directly if she had to. I don’t think her attention span is long enough.

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