Two More Down

Well, we can count up two more states that the McCain campaign looks to be pulling out of.  It began with Michigan, and just yesterday Colorado was added to the list.  Now there seems to be evidence that McCain is pulling out of Wisconsin and New Hampshire as well.

Now let’s be fair, this is not quite as solid of a pullout as Michigan; the McCain campaign has at least extended its old TV ad buys.  But this is far from maintaining an up and running operation that is full of steam.  Instead, this at least gives the appearance that McCain has at best a place holder campaign running in these two states.

This may blunt the impact a little, particularly in New Hampshire where McCain could still net a portion of the state’s electoral vote (New Hampshire being one of only two states that does not award all of its electoral votes to the winner).  At the same time, one can imagine that all Obama has to do is keep a presence in those two states for a few more days at full speed to lock them down, and move on himself.

This goes to further show the state of the race.  Some polls may show a tightening race, but generally most polls continue to agree that Obama holds onto a strong lead.  Further, as time runs out both time and money become far more precious commodities for the disadvantaged McCain team, and they continue to find themselves in the unsavory position of having to close some electoral doors just in order to keep other doors feasibly open.

Where the metal meets the road, though, this means that there are now four former battlegrounds that are out of play and uncontested; Michigan, Colorado, New Hampshire, and Wisconsin (there is also talk New Mexico, but unless I hear something outside of veiled innuendo, I’m going to continue to operate under the impression that McCain is still playing for it).

4 Responses to “Two More Down”

  1. Brenda Kula says:

    Well, if McCain didn’t strut around and act like such a pompous ass, a person might be willing to feel a bit sorry for him. The way he grimaces when Obama talks is humorous. I think it actually “hurts” him to have to sit back and keep his mouth shut during debates while this younger man steal his thunder! (Oh, but we know he doesn’t exactly sit back and keep his mouth shut while someone else speaks!)

  2. heh…

    Good point. It’s funny, the reason it’s hard to feel sorry for McCain is also the reason why he’s in a situation anyone would feel sorry for him for…

    I think that sentence made sense.

  3. Nicole Hunter says:

    McCain & Palin are so unqualified they are actually scary. Maybe they are pulling out because they are fixing the votes? You have to wonder after all they have said about Obama yet the polling machines are voting for McCain Palin. They both lie so much. Even after their lies are exposed they keep telling them over & over. Palin denies that she was found guilty of violating the AK Executive Ethics. Todd Palin hounded everyone until they felt they would lose their jobs if they didn’t fire the trooper. It is a sad state of affairs in AK at the hands of Sarah Palin.

    Once again when interviewed Palin shows that she has no idea about anything. How in the world can people actually be voting for her? for McCain? Both put our country in danger. Both incite racism & hatred. McCain & Palin are anything but saints. Both will do anything to get elected & they don’t care about anyone but themselves.

    I hope those who keep saying that Obama will be assisinated if elected are caught before they can do any harm. Racists are so full of hate. Ignorance is rampant. People need to look up things, verify the facts, watch the truth squads on tv & get real information. I’m not sure that I can ever think highly of a Republican again. Republicans have shown their real nature in this race.

    If after all the support for Obama we end up with McCain Palin I will never vote or trust again. Democrats must not let this election be stolen from us again.


  4. terry says:

    I just called voters in NH tonight and most that were home were voting for Obama 🙂

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