Uniformed Military Prefers Obama

The New York Times has a post up that contains this doozy:

One of the interesting trends of the election was that anti-war candidates, not only Mr. Obama but also Ron Paul, were getting more support from the uniformed military than hawkish Mr. McCain. That remains the case. Mr. Obama received $340,400 from members of the uniformed service branches compared to $321,500 for Mr. McCain. Mr. Paul had taken in $213,000 from uniformed service members.

So what does the NYT title the article?

“McCain Edges Obama with Military Voters”

Huh?  How did they pull this sleight of hand, you ask?

Well, the NYT disingenuously decided to include donations from civilians in the Pentagon into the equation which then gives McCain $461,350 in donations to Obama’s $450,950.

That’s right.  Instead of giving us a headline regarding evidence that the boots-on-the-ground soldiers may actually prefer a Democratic candidate to a Republican one and, even more, are actually anti-war, the NYT spoils the analysis by including defense industry hacks who are doing their requisite field work in the Pentagon.

So much for liberal media bias.

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