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Kyle has the breaking report here and The Hill has more here.

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  1. Jerry Mccutcheon says:

    Pictures of Palin and Stevens are available from the time Palin went to Stevens office to support Stevens, suggest you obtain the real thing.

    Strange both Sevens and Palin blame their spouses for their miss deeds. One down one more to go but that is unlikely for the political will is not there. The atmosphere in Juneau that allowed those who have been convicted to prevail is alive well. The oil companies are now organizing the next legislature and are well along with State of Alaska’s House Representatives to do their bidding.

    Trying to coerce, Palin to Monegan, someone to commit a crime, the firing Wooten, and coercing others, Plain’s staff, to coerce Monegan to commit a crime are serious offences and should treated as such but that is not likely to happen unless the grand jury and the FBI investigating political corruption in Alaska chose to investigate Troopergate. .

    For there is little hope that the Legislature will follow thru on the failure obey the subpoenas, the obstructions of Justis by Texas evangelical’s lawyer, the further questioning of Palin and her husband or the commandeering of the Alaska Attorney Generals Office and Alaska’s court system by evangelicals. The exposure of miss deeds in Alaska is going to have to continue tocome from outside of Alaska.

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