Way To Go Rachel!

Back in the days when I used to listen to Air America on a pretty frequent basis, there were really only two hosts I had any interest in listening to.  The first was Al Franken who essentially initiated me into the world of left of center politics with his book, Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them.  Throughout all the time I’ve been a fan of Franken’s, I’ve found him to be hilarious and wicked smart, and I’m glad that those traits are helping him run a rather successful campaign against Norm Coleman in Minnesota.

The other host I really enjoyed was Rachel Maddow.  Rachel has a gift, an ability to push for a progressive agenda in such a way that doesn’t turn off people.  Unlike most of the rest of the personalities on the liberal talk station who tend to sound extreme, or shrill, Maddow connects with her audience.  At the same time, though, while she displays that genial personality so many other progressive advocates tend to lack, she has also proven herself to be undeniably tough, and lethal in a head to head debate.

Considering that my opinion of Air America has never been all that high, especially since Franken left, I’ve been of the mind that Maddow’s was a talent that was going largely under appreciated on her radio show.  But then, thanks at least in part due to lobbying on Keith Olbermann’s behalf, Rachel got her own television show on MSNBC, and a brief piece in the NYT points out that Rachel’s show has become a phenomenal success in only a brief matter of time.

For those of us who have long admired Rachel, there’s no question as to why.  She’s clearly one of the most intelligent personalities in political programming out there, and she’s charming to boot.  Her dry wit is alluring, and her command of the facts and issues of the day is awe inspiring.

So congratulations, Rachel, on such an unmitigated success, and let me just say that I hope to continue watching your show for many years to come.

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  1. Craig says:

    Seriously, at what point will people realize that all these talking heads are basically the same, save for their ideological preferences. Those that think that “our” info-tainment squakers own the “truth” as opposed to the other side, are blinkered, at best. I know its alluring, because they speak to what their target audiences want to believe, but its a show, a ratings-grabbing show. They ALL are. Take the nuggets of facts that they do throw out there, wash off the slant that they are embedded within, and then try to deleve into the full story.

    Perhaps someone can emphirically analyze the “slant/BS factor” for each one and do a rough ranking, for what it would be worth. But the basic tenent would still hold true.

    I cannot honestly name ONE TV/radio pundit who doesn’t fall into this category. Not one.

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