We Were Warned

At the very beginning of this year, in New Hampshire just as the primaries were getting underway in earnest, Barack Obama warned that a “chorus of cynics” would grow “louder and more dissonant.”  Throughout his own battle for the nomination he remarked upon the “silly season” of politics.

Well, we were warned.

Now that an Obama win seems as likely as it ever was, that chorus of cynics has risen to a near deafening crescendo.  With a go for broke, anything to win mentality, those cynics have stirred themselves into a frenzy, throwing any and every accusation they can at the man, and launching any attack they can imagine regardless of how disingenuous or disgusting it is.

But perhaps the most vile I’ve seen to date comes from the chair of the Virginian GOP who has in recent days attempted to conflate Barack Obama to Osama bin Laden, and not in the cheap exploitation of the man’s name.

It is an attack so profoundly vile that even the McCain campaign is distancing itself from it.  But, in yet another remarkable show of lacking leadership, the Republican nominee’s condemnation of the attack seems futile in stopping Del. Jeffrey Frederick from using it.  He still stands by his comments.

The Obama campaign’s rebuttal:

Clark Stevens, an Obama spokesman, said Frederick’s attack on Obama’s relationship with Ayers “has been discredited and debunked time and again.”

“The Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia, like so many McCain supporters,” Stevens said, “would rather lie about Barack Obama than make the case to the American people why Senator McCain’s plans of continuing Bush’s policies for another four years would be good for American families.”

Though the specifics are new, the nature of the attack isn’t.  This has become the level of discourse from the McCain side of the national debate.  Let’s not focus on the ideas, let’s not focus on the proposals, let’s not even necessarily focus on who would best lead this country through difficult times.  Instead, let’s talk about how evil Barack Obama is.  But I continue to have faith that this won’t work, and in an article I hope to have written later today, I’ll explain exactly why.

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