What’s Wrong With Those Heartland Voters?

Gosh, it looks like Sarah Palin’s issue-focused speeches about Barack Obama “palling around with terrorists” are realllly having a deadly effect on Obama’s popularity:

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has opened up a commanding lead in Minnesota over Republican John McCain, according to a new Star Tribune Minnesota Poll.

The poll, conducted last week among 1,084 likely voters, found that 55 percent support Obama, while 37 percent back McCain.

That’s a huge difference from the last Minnesota Poll, conducted in September, which showed the race dead even, with each candidate backed by 45 percent of likely voters. The new poll shows that Obama’s surge in the state can be attributed to voters’ belief in his ability to deal with the nation’s worsening economy, his performance in the first presidential debate and an increase in the number of Minnesotans who call themselves Democrats.

In Ohio, Obama is leading McCain by 7 points — 49% to 42%.

Who would have predicted that voters in the economically devastated Midwest would care more about jobs and health care than they would about a relationship Obama did not have when he was 8 years old with a former 1960s radical?

Nice try, John and Sarah. It was a valiant effort. There’s just no accounting for some folks’ priorities.

One Response to “What’s Wrong With Those Heartland Voters?”

  1. radical_Moderate says:

    My only comment is that they are just getting started, and we must not be complacent. My advice to Obama supporters is to engage in dialogue where ever you can; I have talked to the girls at my Post Office, people I deal with in my line of work, etc. about Obama’s position on the issues. I let people know the TRUTH when ever I can, I carry copies of the Obama tax plan compared with the McCain tax plan and hand them out. We must help Obama fight back.

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