Winning in the Rain

McCain and Obama both had rallies scheduled today in Pennysylvania. McCain has been making much lately of how he’s going to win Pennsylvania and that’s going to be the key to the Oval Office.

Well, not if winning Pennsylvania isn’t worth standing in the rain for a few hours:

Dressed in blue jeans and a black jacket, Barack Obama braved the cold rain falling in Pennsylvania, and held his scheduled rally – outdoors. “A little bit of rain never hurt anybody,” he quipped to the 9,000 who showed up in ponchos and futilely holding umbrellas.

Just an hour away in Quakertown, the rival ticket cancelled their own outdoor rally due to inclement weather. Unfazed, Obama incorporated the conditions into his speech.

“I just want all of you to know if we see this kind of dedication on election day – there is no way that we’re not going to bring change to America,” he said as the soggy crowd cheered.

Via The Jed Report.

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