Because Invoking ACORN Worked So Well Against Obama

The prolonged senate race in Minnesota is nearly enough to make me want to go back into full campaign coverage mode all over again, and I probably would if I weren’t already in full recovery mode from the past two years.

What interests me most, though, is that if the Republican party is struggling this violently against the recount now, it can only be because they are deeply and seriously worried that a state mandated recount will not go their way.

As Steve Benen notes, now that trying to derail the recount itself has failed, the next step for the GOP is to wage all out war against the results of said recount before the recount has even begun.  The cornerstone in this new strategy is to go after some of the GOP’s favorite manufactured villains such as ACORN and

It’s kind of funny, though, when you think about it.  This was exactly what the Republicans did in the final weeks before the Presidential election; invalidate the election results if Obama won.  It’s a sad commentary on the Republican party as a whole (and to be fair, there have been too many on our side that have committed the same crime in the past).  One is ultimately left to wonder what is it about democracy that scares Republicans so much that they feel so little desire to actually participate in it?

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