Yes, it’s true that other presidents have moved their political appointees into career civil service jobs, but none of those other presidents had spent their entire term(s) in office stuffing every nook and cranny of their administration with ideological hacks who only needed one qualification to get the job: a willingness to put Bushian ideology ahead of every other consideration. And then there is this:

Note, of course, that for key regulatory positions Bush usually gave his career appointments to folks who were either officially or de facto industry lobbyists. So basically we’ll have the top layer of the civil service filled with industry shills[.]

Got that? In the Bush administration, political hires were put into civil service positions to start with — especially the ones that were key to implementing Bush’s desired policies. So now we’ll have political appointees being shifted into a civil service sector that is already crammed with Bushies.

And the implications for President-elect Obama could not be worse:

In a few years, we’ll see some whistleblower on Hardball, talking gravely about corruption in the Obama Administration, and she’ll be feted by the gasbags and made into a media darling. And nobody will notice the fact that she was hired by Monica Goodling.

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