Cashing In

The photo caption here says it all: “One McCain-Palin ad tried to paint Barack Obama as a celebrity, but it’s Palin who’s on the verge of a celeb-sized book deal.”

2 Responses to “Cashing In”

  1. Craig says:

    Someone is simply estimating what she COULD make in a deal. Everybody and their Grandma who gets any kind of fame, 15 minutes or otherwise, gets a media deal these days. I hear that a junior senator from Illinios got about two million a few years ago. The celebrity image was being painted for more than him simply writing a book.

    You want to read about cashing in? Just wait for Obama’s post-presidency memiors (no matter how well he performs), and his library, and his years of paid speeches and appearances. Cha-ching!!!

  2. Alex says:

    $7 million? That’ll make her upper-middle class!

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