CIA Screwed Up, Then Lied About It. Repeatedly.

There’s a story brewing that has the potential to be really explosive:  Parts of a CIA Inspector General’s report indicates that the CIA was complicit in shooting down a plane full of innocent people over Peru over 2001.  And then the CIA covered it up, lying to both Congress and the White House.

The plane was carrying a missionary family.  The wife and infant daughter were killed; the pilot was seriously injured.  The husband and their son survived.

The CIA had been engaged in a program designed to act as a restraint on the itchy trigger finger of the Peruvian military.  When the incident occurred, the CIA was not following its own procedures that were designed, oddly enough, to prevent the unnecessary loss of innocent life.

The CIA conducted its own investigation and discovered the pattern of negligence, but insisted to Congress, the National Security Advisor, and the Justice Department that the shoot-down was the result of a one-time accidental lapse in protocol.  The CIA’s general counsel even advised everyone involved to make no notes about the incident in order the avoid potential criminal charges.

Peter Hoekstra (R-MI), who is not generally very critical of the CIA in his role as top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, read the unclassified portions of the Inspector General’s report to the press today.  In doing so, he criticized the CIA for their role in these “needless” deaths.  There was extra weight added to his words because the family involved in this tragedy comes from Michigan.

“This issue goes to the heart of the American people’s ability to trust the CIA,” Hoekstra said. “Americans deserve to know that agencies given the power to operate on their behalf aren’t abusing that power or their trust.”

For its part, a CIA spokesman insisted that the

“CIA takes very seriously questions of responsibility and accountability.”

Riiiigggghhhht, I’ll buy that.

President-elect Obama’s transition team has got to be loving these frequent reminders to the American populace just why they voted the Republicans out of office in the first place.  It makes their job so much easier.

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  1. Robert says:

    It’s quite sad that this blog entry’s title can almost be perceived as mundane and almost satirical. I hope this changes rapidly so those who pay attention actually have FAR more solid ground to stand on when we say we respect the CIA.

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