Drunken liveblogging the election results!

Well, the first polls just closed, which means it is officially time to begin our drunken liveblogging!  As always, the liveblogging will take place in the comments section of this post!  As major developments do come about, though, I will make an update to the body of this post.

So!  No rules!  Let’s drink and hopefully watch as Barack Obama is elected as our next president!

UPDATE 1: Vermont goes to Obama, Kentucky to McCain.  Current count

Obama 3, McCain 8

53 Responses to “Drunken liveblogging the election results!”

  1. Sent it to the libertystreetusa email

  2. Jazz says:

    hey guys! msnbc just projected Obama at 103 ev’s to McCain’s 34

  3. JAZZ…. Get in on the guesties stuff for the widget, or if you give Mike your email, he may let you join us!

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