Goodbye To All That

David Frum is the latest departure from National Review. Tim Arango at the New York Times writes about the hit the magazine is taking from the death of its founder, William Buckley, and the recent leavetakings of its best writers.

Steve Benen pinpoints the exact day and time when NRO lost its creds for intelligent debate.

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  1. tas says:

    If today’s crop of conservatives were bright, they would take a couple days to ponder Christopher Buckley’s departure from his late father’s magazine.

    William Buckley is on my “if I have time to read this author, I will because I really want to!” list. I haven’t yet (see the whole time thing), but Buckley has always interested me because he seems to base his views on the good of humanity. Surely all of us can point to his views and say, “Uh, how is THAT good?”, but his intentions are tough to debate. It’s a stark contrast to today’s conservatives, who follow the McCain super-faux-patriot motto of “Country First” while backing idiots for the highest offices in the country simply because they parrot neo-conservative talking points (Palin); not recognizing a hint of their irony whose aroma is as blatant as dog shit on your shoe. Fact is, these people are dangerous — the the country and to the world. Iraq and the torture which followed prove that.

    The writers quitting NRO seem to be the ones with critical thinking skills. As for the rest… They should really think about how a Buckley can ditch their movement. That, if any, is a time for self-reflection.

    Also, Larry Johnson joining their movement is another call for self-reflection

  2. Kathy says:

    Larry Johnson is one of those yicky creature things you find under rocks in the back yard. He is truly vile. In fact, everyone who writes at that blog is vile. They just have no ethics or morals at all.

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