It’s FDR’s Fault

I’m sensing a new meme taking shape:

Sunday, November 16: Paul Krugman and Robert Reich challenge George Will’s claim, on ABC’s This Week With George Stephanopoulos, “that New Deal policies made the Depression worse.”

Wednesday, November 19, in the Wall Street Journal:

His friends advise Barack Obama to launch a “New” New Deal. Maybe that’s because the old New Deal is sinking fast.

Mr. Obama’s one deeply false note during the campaign was his harping on “deregulation” as if that were the source of current troubles. His real problem is the crack-up of the world FDR built.

Friday, November 21, Glenn Reynolds argues that the New Deal “extended the Depression.”

(Two memes for the price of one: In the same op-ed, Reynolds writes, “While there may be some number of troops in Iraq for years to come, the Iraq War is pretty much over.”)

2 Responses to “It’s FDR’s Fault”

  1. tas says:

    These people are so fucktarded. It was the laissez-faire conservative bulshit about how government shouldn’t regulation businesses — which they all still support, thanks to Friedman — that helped bring America into the Great Depression. FDR setup a social safety net which is an insurance plan to make sure recessions don’t become depressions, and it’s that safety net which these fucktards have hacked away at ever since. Of course, as any shit-chucking monkey could have told them (for the nominal fee of one banana — it is a capitalist system, after all), this has us staring down another depression.

    During the Great Depression, America had whole towns without dollars. Can you imagine an entire town not having a $20 bill? You could if the government provided no welfare or unemployment benefits to keep citizens afloat and buying basic necessities. Giving people a little money at least keeps the economy going, even at a slow pace.. But when there’s no money, industry stops. It’s tough to get industry going again after it simply stops.

    I thought we learned these lessons, but no. The Reynold’s, Will’s, and Norquist’s of the world still maintain that government is evil, so the smaller it is the better.

    You think they would have learned to separate sexy ideology from political reality, which requires a little critical thought to their surroundings. But that’s just asking too much, I guess.

  2. PirateRo says:

    I saw this piece of crap in the news the other day. I look at it like this – he’s teaching in Tennessee for a reason.

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