Joe Lieberman Keeps His Homeland Security Chairmanship

And apparently President-elect Obama was instrumental in persuading Senate Democrats to content themselves with the slap on the wrist “punishment” of removing Lieberman from the chairmanship of an environment subcommittee.  One wonders why they bothered.

Senate Democrats on Tuesday yielded to the wishes of President-elect Barack Obama and allowed Joe Lieberman to keep his committee chairmanship despite having backed Republican John McCain for the White House.

At a closed-door meeting, Senate Democrats meted out lesser punishment, passing a resolution of disapproval and stripping Lieberman of the chairmanship of an environment subcommittee.

It’s truly appalling. None the less so for being totally predictable and expected.

Via Joe Gandelman. More at Memeorandum.

One Response to “Joe Lieberman Keeps His Homeland Security Chairmanship”

  1. libhomo says:

    This is terrible news for people trying to get their lives back together after the government’s appalling response to Katrina.

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