Let’s Reward Torture and Illegal Surveillance with the Medal of Freedom

That is what William Kristol wants Pres. Bush to do before he leaves office [emphasis in original]:

n his new Weekly Standard column, right-wing pundit Bill Kristol lays out a to-do list for President Bush before he leaves office. He urges Bush to deliver speeches “reminding Americans of our successes fighting the war on terror.” Kristol dreams, “Over time, Bush might even get deserved credit for effective conduct of the war on terror.”

After urging Bush to fight the incoming administration’s desire to close Guantanamo, Kristol concludes with this:

One last thing: Bush should consider pardoning–and should at least be vociferously praising–everyone who served in good faith in the war on terror, but whose deeds may now be susceptible to demagogic or politically inspired prosecution by some seeking to score political points. The lawyers can work out if such general or specific preemptive pardons are possible; it may be that the best Bush can or should do is to warn publicly against any such harassment or prosecution. But the idea is this: The CIA agents who waterboarded Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and the NSA officials who listened in on phone calls from Pakistan, should not have to worry about legal bills or public defamation. In fact, Bush might want to give some of these public servants the Medal of Freedom at the same time he bestows the honor on Generals Petraeus and Odierno. They deserve it.

One Response to “Let’s Reward Torture and Illegal Surveillance with the Medal of Freedom”

  1. PirateRo says:

    I’ve written the Times numerous times as to why this man is on the payroll.

    It is astonishing to see this kind of nonsense. But you know, when there is no courage to prosecute this administration for the criminals they are, you can’t really expect anything remotely resemblingi reason or a system of values outside the fascist perspective.

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