Long Lines To Vote Are a Poll Tax

I’ve never heard or read this argument made before, and now I’m wondering why not. Undoubtedly, it has something to do with the fact that few media commentators are as sharp as Rachel Maddow:


Via Ezra Klein.

2 Responses to “Long Lines To Vote Are a Poll Tax”

  1. D Metzger says:

    That and the fact that she’s one of the only TV pundits willing to embrace the liberal label without qualifiers. Here in Wisconsin we have an extremely progressive vote registration and a law stating employers must allow employees to leave to vote but for hourly workers (most Wisconsinites) time taken off is time not paid. It’s not so much Jim Crow-style poll taxing up here as it is a combination of suppression and poor planning.

    Still not acceptable; not in a country that claims to be the pinnacle of democracy.

  2. Ace Armstrong says:

    Right on Rachel!
    The only true religion in this country is the almighty buck, buttressed by cost benefit analysis and risk assessment. Time is money, and Ms. Maddow is on the money with this observation.
    The true culprit of the present economic fluctuation is the obfuscation of risk. Just as long voter lines are an obfuscation of a de facto poll tax.
    Just because someone plays within the rules, doesn’t necessarily demonstrate morals and ethics.
    Long lines along with registration challenges and propaganda of voter fraud are all tools in the bag of tricks.

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