McCain’s Eleventh Hour Attack Hits Obama For Having The Same Stance As McCain

One of the reasons why McCain’s attacks during this election cycle have continued to fall short has been because every time McCain throws a stone, it’s been from inside a glass house.  Bill Ayers was funded by Republicans and allies of John McCain.  Rashid Khalidi may have been Obama’s professorial colleague, but John McCain gave the Palestinian professor a half million dollars.  John McCain accuses Obama of being a socialist, but if Obama’s a socialist, McCain is only two or three percent less socialist than Obama.

And now McCain and Palin have taken to attacking Obama on his stance on coal, which, as the Jed Report points out, is the same exact stance that McCain had.  In fact, Jed has SHOCKING video of McCain poo-pooing the loss of thousands of jobs because he’s making the exact same case as Obama does:


For a more wonkish breakdown, one should go read The Wonk Room.  What Obama was talking about in coal plants being bankrupted is that due to cap and trade policies, opening up a new coal plant would end up costing so much money that they wouldn’t be able to stay afloat.  Thus, the real push would be to invest in clean coal technology which would allow for the usage of coal but not result in the ridiculously high cost that traditional coal would incur due to policies enacted to control green house gas emissions.

Both Obama and McCain are on the very same side of this, and both have actually acknowledged a potential loss of business for the traditional coal industry as a result.  The difference between the two?  One said so on the floor of the Senate (John McCain), and the other said so during a presidential campaign (Barack Obama).

So what Sarah Palin is doing on the stump right now is either a reflection of her “going rogue” yet again, or that she simply doesn’t understand her running mate’s position adequately.  If it’s the former, she is attacking both John McCain and Barack Obama because she actually disagrees with them.  If it’s the latter, she’s attacking Obama because she doesn’t know that her boss actually is in agreement with Obama on this issue.

In either case this doesn’t necessarily encourage a lot of confidence that this woman, or this campaign has any idea what they heck they are doing.

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  1. Craig says:

    I’d have to agree that the two seem similar in dealing with coal. I don’t know enough about whether the disincentives (like taxes/penalties) would be administered in the same way.

    Some “green” experts are not convinced that clean coal is even a realistic technology or that it could even make significant enough reductions in its emissions.

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