Memo to Whining Infants on the Right: GROW UP

Or, as Joe Gandelman put it, Get A Life. He took the words right out of my mouth:

During his press conference today, in response to a question about consultations with “living” Presidents, President-elect Barack Obama made a passing comment that mentioned Nancy Reagan, who talked to astrologers. You can watch it here.

Today, there are many Democrats, Republicans, and Independents who are not hardcore partisans looking to leap at any opportunity to express outrage, who feel it’s time to get down to serious business. But some have reacted to Obama’s remark in a way that is both predictable and unbelievable, given the issues now facing the country. I just got several emails, sending me the link to the post noted above, commenting how outrageous, insulting, and infantile they thought Obama’s remark was. To those outraged, who think this remark was the main one worthy of discussion from Obama’s first press conference: Kindly see the headline above.

Ben Smith, who in an earlier post huffed that Obama “dares a joke at the expense of the widow of a deceased [president],” now reports that Obama called Nancy Reagan to apologize.

It’s going to be a long transition.

8 Responses to “Memo to Whining Infants on the Right: GROW UP”

  1. tas says:

    It’s going to be a long administration.

    Welcome to the first Web 2.0 presidency. Clinton never faced much web criticism because the popularity of the internet was in its infant stages. When Bush got into office, the web was just getting popular and blogs were still a new thing in 2003. Blogs played a role in 2004, but not as much as bloggers would like to think. By 2005 and since then, shit has rolled downhill — especially for the wingnut side of the blogosphere, who find find reason to be critical about anything anyone to the left of them says.

    So yeah. Welcome to the age where every single statement Obama makes — and I’m not exaggerating! Ever. Single. Statement. — will be treated as a crisis. That’s all these wingnuts know how to do.

  2. radical_moderate says:

    Gang all is not well in rightwingnutia; you are right when you suggest that even if Obama farts the wrong way the wingnuts will huff and puff about it. I’ve been reading and posting over at PJM…trying to get these people to THINK for a change, and it ain’t working let me tell ya. Even when their own writers have written thoughful OP-EDs, the wingnuts would rather rant about Obama “stealing” or “buying” the election (no matter that the money Obama used to win came from over 3 million of their fellow citizens.) And don’t even get me started on the Hillary dead-enders that persist that sexism, and dirty tricks by the Obama campaign, robbed her of her rightful claim to the throne (part of my satisfaction is that hypocrites like that Rothschild woman have probably been kicked to the curb by the party whose head is now President Barack Obama.)

    I will concede that the far left has had their extremists also (the last time I heard Naomi Wolf interviewed she sounded frankly nuts, BUT, and I am honestly being objective here, our side has ample persons of intellectual superiority and evenhandedness producing thoughtful discourse while I can count on one hand thinkers that I respect on their side.)

  3. Kathy says:

    r_m, do you have a link to where you’ve been posting?

  4. Bill says:

    All, I am one of those far right individuals you reference to above. I watched the Press conference when President-Elect Obama made the comment regarding Nancy Reagan. When I heard the comment I laughed and thougt to myself, we will be hearing about this again. Both sides, have exploited the “gotcha” sound bites. There was no harm done in his comment, maybe it could be classified as a shot at a bad joke. Believe me, as a very conservative Republican I’m always looking for ways to prove you all wrong, but this type of stuff is silly. Let’s have a discussion on issues that are meaningful, not bad jokes, wardrobes, etc.,

  5. radical_Moderate says:


    PJM is one of the few hard right sites I can stomach, even Taylor Marsh has blogged for them on occasion; oh don’t get me wrong, they host all sort of conspiracy theorists, and the like, it is just that a cool head prevails there on occasion, and they post my responses without censorship.

    Glad to hear that you are interested in real ideas Bill, so am I. The key to a robust Democracy, IMO, is healthy opposing Parties ( a strong third party would be great.) As for the Nancy Reagan gaff, Obama apologized to the lady herself, and their conversation was warm according to reports. The fact is that Mrs Reagan was never enthusiastic about McCain (she was a close friend of McCain’s first wife), and as an intelligent woman herself (smarter than her husband, IMO) I’m sure that she was appalled by Sarah Palin.

  6. Craig says:

    Please. If McCain had been elected and, in the course of his initial presser, he made a joke at the expense of the widow of an ex-president (especially one who was just hospitalized with a broken pelvis), there would have been plenty of liberal blogs “outraged” at his insensitivity. This is the political world that the blogosphere lives in now. To claim this kind of calculated anger is owned by one group of “wingnuts” over another is blinkered, at best.

    Get over it, indeed.

  7. Kathy says:

    And if they did, Craig, wingnuts would be all over them, pounding them into the ground for their appalling “political correctness,” having no sense of humor, and making a mountain out of a molehill.

  8. Craig says:

    That’s right Kathy, just as the liberal blogs are doing in this case. My point exactly.

    Both groups operate the same way, depending on the scenario.

    You did notice that I painted both sides the same way, didn’t you?

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