Obama For America

Today I cast my vote for Barack Obama for President of the United States.  I arrived a half hour before the polls opened at 6:00 am, and after voting commenced I waited another hour and fifteen minutes.  Voting for Barack Obama was itself an experience I can’t describe.

With my civic duty performed, I promptly headed to the Obama office where I was directed to another polling place where I was directed to hand out literature and assist people with voting any way I can.  All in all, another truly indescribably experience (with actually a lot of humor to help ease the hours away).

I hope to have my daughters in bed sometime in the next hour and a half, after which I will crack open my first Miller High Life, and we shall commence the drunk liveblogging of the election returns!

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  1. Dustin says:

    Miller? Pfffft… I’ll have to ship you some Pearl Street Brewery or New Glarus; you’ll never drink that swill again.

    It’s ironic, I managed to cut my work timetable short and meet early deadline in time to get back to the States last night. Wish I’d have known that ahead of time; the absentee ballot red-tape for WI residents in Germany is just nuts. Fill out the registration form, get an American witness, send it in, get the ballot, get a witness, send that in. There’s not even that much red-tape in the brewing industry.

    It sure would have saved quite a bit of headache (I’ve had enough of those the last 3 months… ugghh) to just be able to walk into a polling place today and be done with it. lol.

  2. Macswain says:

    Kyle, I hope its not over before you get back … well, maybe.

  3. I like Miller High Life because it’s swill. If I want to get drunk cheap, I want it to be intentionally unpleasant, too!

  4. Dustin says:

    Hell I hope it is over that fast. The more lopsided this race get’s the better.

    The thing to watch this time around isn’t even so much the Presidential contest, that’s a done deal. No, what we should be watching is the senate Democrat count. The close it get’s to 61 the better.

  5. Mac!!!!!!

    You have to turn around three times and spit, or curse, or something!

  6. Dustin says:

    Kyle, I hope its not over before you get back … well, maybe.

    True enough, lol. You could always just do what I do and make your own 🙂 But that requires patience. I’ve got a dozen 22oz bottles of barley wine waiting in my garage. They’ve been aging for the better part of 3 months at this point.

  7. Dustin! Now you have to turn around three times and spit or curse!

  8. terry says:


    lol…I just watched that episode of West Wing 🙂

  9. Macswain says:

    Don’t know what that means … West Wing was too high brow for me, you elitists!

  10. tas says:

    PBR is better swill then Miller — probably cheaper, too. Though this certainly doesn’t mean you shouldn’t reach for a darker, tastier, fresher local brew if you want to spend a few more dollars.

    Anytime I drink anything brewed by Miller I get a headache; and this isn’t after imbibing copious amounts. I’ve determined that they don’t actually make beer but, rather, some mystery pain liquid.

  11. Dustin says:

    That would be the mercaptan compounds being produced in the beer due to bad warehouse storage. Light and beer, a bad mix. It’s literally the same chemical used by skunks. Many commercial brew varieties suffer from it, especially the clear, amber, or green bottled kinds.

  12. Okay, okay, I’m going tomake a new liveblogging post now!

  13. Macswain says:

    Hurry … good early numbers, I think, from Indiana.

  14. tas says:

    Why drink Miller from a bottle? It’s much classier by the can. 🙂

  15. tas says:

    Here come the results… Kentucky! latest polls gave McCain a 14 point lead in the state, but the votes reported make the race a lot closer. Hmmmm… Canary in a conservative coal mine?

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