Obama White House Already Beginning To Take Shape

Less than forty-eight hours after Senator Obama became President Elect Obama, we are already getting a glimpse into what an Obama White House will look like.

Coming in as the man Obama will look to to make sure that all the trains run on time is Congressman Rahm Emanuel who didn’t take very long at all to accept the offer as White House Chief of Staff.  This strikes me as an exceptionally wise choice for Obama as the conductor of his administrative troops; Emanual not only has experience and a deep understanding of how the Hill works, but is also a veteran of the White House itself as the Illinois representative served as a staffer in the Clinton administration.

A decision I’m not quite as sure about is that of Robert Gibbs as White House Press Secretary.  I was sort of holding out hope for Bill Burton, a latter day sensation who was starting to rise in the waning days of the campaign.  I’m not nearly as familiar with Gibbs’ acumen.

Outside of this, we’re also getting whispers about what the Obama cabinet will look like.  Names such as Warren Buffet, Colin Powell, and Chuck Hagel are oft repeated in nearly breathless gasps and could provide an early indicator of an ideologically diverse intellectual powerhouse of a cabinet.  Still, some things intrigue me such as the idea of Colin Powell serving as the Secretary of Education as opposed to something like Defense, State, or perhaps even a role as an ambassador.

In any case, the Obama team is moving swiftly and deftly as it takes barely a pause from the long grueling campaign and shifts to the far more daunting task of leading the country.

One Response to “Obama White House Already Beginning To Take Shape”

  1. Bob Della Valle says:

    Rahm Emanuel is a spectacularly bad choice. He is an ardent member of the DLC and an extreme supporter of Israel’s occupatiopn of Palestine. As a Clinton staffer he pushed for NAFTA and advocated a get tough policy on marijuana use. As DCCC chair he pushed for pro-war candidates and opposed anti-war candidates.

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