Pardon Predictions

While the Right is still whining about Clinton’s pardon of Marc Rich some 8 years ago (a pardon that was done as a foreign policy favor to Israel), we are on the eve of a slew of pardons that will undoubtedly be handed out by “America’s Worst President.”  I predict the Right will overlook the pardons of numerous rightwing scumbags which – unlike Rich – will curry no foreign policy value.

Here are three predictions I have for Bush pardons:

Scooter Libby – will have his commuted sentence turned into a full pardon.

Ted Stevens – can ride off into ignominious retirement.

Alberto Gonzales – the preemptive pardon for Bush’s most loyal hack.

Now, admittedly, my first two picks are being widely discussed, but I went for one surprise with my last pick.  Gonzales hasn’t even submitted a clemency application.  If anyone else would like to make some predictions, please throw out one that isn’t already being widely discussed.

Any takers?

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