Something Light for a Saturday Night

First off … Huge props today to our brothers and sisters all over the country who protested California’s Proposition H8!

Now for a tune … Ra Ra Riot’s The Rhumb Line is a great album with a very good chance of being in my year-end, top-ten. It was hard to pick just one video to highlight this band, but here’s a live version of “Too Too Too Fast” that exemplifies the band’s spirit.


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  1. Craig says:

    The Gay Patriot blogger has a good piece about how the reaction to the vote should start being less anger, confrontation and hate, and more discussion, introspection, and targeted messaging of what gay marriage would actually reflect.

    You can almost see the powers who most fervently oppose gay marriage, acting like the wicked witch of the west gazing into her crystal ball. “That’s right! Keep it up! Keep that image of anger and intimidation and confronation and violence in the voting public’s mind. You’re making my job that much easier!”

    Look at how much ground was made up from the prior vote to this most recent one. Change is coming, either in a warm welcoming way, or kicking and screaming. That choice seems to be in the hands of the advocates.

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