Something Light for a Saturday Night: A TV Show & Musical Political Analysis

It’s a beautiful Fall night in my neck of the woods.  I’m watching football and drinking a cold one (pumpkin ale).  But with the fury of the final days upon us, I felt the need to kick a couple of great tunes to all my hard working homies in the progressive blogosphere (though, I do note, that conservatives and McCainiacs are welcome, too — I’m not a fascist like that).

Before we get to my much awaited political analysis, let’s talk a little crap TV.  The Office now blows,  True Blood disappoints and Ugly Betty has finally lived down to expectations.  Thankfully, I’ve TIVO’d Mad Men and My Name is Earl is having a bit of a renaissance.  But, the best new show of this season, bar none, head and shoulders above the rest, is BBC America’s Gavin & Stacey. And before you even think it, let me assure you, I’ve never been a big fan of British humor — Monty Ponthy did nothing for me, well, except for the after-dinner-mint sketch. This show is just great storytelling through interesting characters.

Woo Hoo.  Texas Tech just returned an interception for TD!

Anyway, here’s a great song from The Kooks that featured prominently in the premiere episode of Gavin & Stacey. I dedicate this tune to Sarah Palin for the great joy she has brought us all this political season.  This tune should also put to rest any rumors – ahem, Kathy – that I don’t love me some great melodic pop music.  I just don’t dig the ones that get played one hundred, thousand times – ahem, Daniel Powter.


Now for my political analysis put to music.  It speaks for itself.


For Kyle – a question.  I’m baffled – given the well deserved acclaim Fleetwood Mac has received over the years, can you tell me why Lindsay Buckingham is never mentioned in discussions of the greatest guitarist?

2 Responses to “Something Light for a Saturday Night: A TV Show & Musical Political Analysis”

  1. *slight hijack*
    macswain, I am an SEC football girl, myself; however, I was so happy to see Texas Tech win! Your blog post-interruption made me laugh out loud.

  2. Kathy says:

    This is a great song, Mac. I love it! And I’d never heard of The Kooks before. 🙂

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