Terror in Mumbai

This isn’t what I want to think about happening before Turkey Day…  Reports says over 40 people are dead in the Mumbai terror attacks today, and there may be American and British hostages at hotels.  I don’t have time to provide more detailed coverage, but metblogs.mumbai.com has some on the scene reports.  A Twitter in Mumbai, Dina, is also providing link-rich coverage.  Feel free to discuss your thoughts, hopes, and prayers (if you’re theistically inclined) in comments.

Update: Unfortunately, this attacks cannot be referred to in past tense yet.  They are still going on.

Another Update: Times of London has some photos.  The tenor of them are..  Well, if blood makes you quesy, don’t look at them.  Because they’re disturbing.  Captions from the photos say that the attackers were asking people for their passports, specifically targeting American and British tourists.  This is bad…  We don’t yet know who perpatrated this attack, and some analyists will say that the fact the attack didn’t happen in America or Europe shows us how weakened terrrorist groups are.  Maybe so.  But just because this attack is in Mumbai doesn’t mean that it’s not against us.

Another update: The group which claims responsibiliy for these attacks, “Deccan Mujahideen”, nets a total of 10 hits on Google — all links created today.  I don’t think whoever Deccan Mujahideen is actually exists.  This shows that right now, anyone can claim responsibility for these attacks and get attention.  Best to wait for more information before pointing any fingers.

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