Whodunnit?: Thinking aloud about the Mumbai terrorist attacks

In the post-9/11 world, one thing always assumed whenever there’s a terrorist attack is that it was perpetrated by Muslim extremists.  Of course, the empirical evidence shows that they usually are, and I would be more surprised to hear that the Mumbai attacks were carried out by, say, a radical leftist group or something.  But these attacks are different.

We don’t have enough information yet to point any fingers, but think about past Islamic terrorist attacks: They involve bombs.  Lots of bombs, sometimes they are suicide bombers, sometimes it’s airplanes being steered and improvised to be used like a bomb…  But most terrorist attacks we hear about are bomb/pump and dump affairs.  A few nutjobs get together, put together some bombs and blow them up.  We saw this in Madrid, London, previous attacks in India, and it’s even reminescient of the IED operations our troops face in Iraq.

The November 2008 Mumbai attacks are different, though: the methods used look much more like a military operation.

Instead of a few nutjobs, there are 50-60 terrorists involved.  Instead of a few bombs going off, this mass group of terrorists launch a coordinated raid on 10 tourist spots, targetting Americans, British, and Israelis.  While some explosions were heard and we can assume those were bombs, these terrorists were also armed with automatic guns and grenades, acting less like the “terrorist cell” concept we all know and more like a well trained militia.  We’ve never seen Islamist groups stage an attack like this before.

Of course, targeting of Americans and Israelis makes me think these terrorists are of the al-Qa`ida sympathizing variety, but let me throw another thought out here for shits and giggles.  To get us thinking.  On the other side of India, a group of communist separatists exists which has the organization to pull off an attack like we just witnessed in Mumbai:

Andhra Pradesh state along the Bay of Bengal coast has endured a number of attacks linked to a group known as Naxalites. Named for the town of Naxalbari where their movement began in 1967, Naxalites are revolutionary communists. Though not all are militant, Human Rights Watch estimates some 10,000 are members of armed militias, which continue to wage a low-intensity insurgency that claims hundreds of Indian lives every year.

Militants act as soldiers, using guns and grenades, and taking hostages.  This has not been the M.O. of recent Islamist terrorists.  But, like I said before, the targeting of Americans and Israelis is a fingerprint of Islamic terror…  So what to think of the perpetrators of these Mumbai attacks?

Could this be a combination of organizations working together?  And where did these get the terrorists get the funding for this operation?  No doubt, terrorist attacks of this magnitude take huge sums of cash for training, organization, and weapons.  Does the fact that they acted like a militia mean there are military ties to these terrorists?  In turn, if they are connected to an army, are they also receiving support from a country?  That has to be considered because a government is one of the only entities that could have funded these attacks.

There’s a lot of burning questions here.  What’s to be revealed will be interesting…  And I’m certainly not buying the notion that the “Deccan Mujahadein”, a unknown group until now, played a major role.  The Mumbai terrorist attacks were carried out by an established, experienced group.

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  1. Manu says:

    Thinking is futile when your information set is puny. Before 9/11, the MO of flying planes into buildings was not AQ.

    Tough to say who exactly it is yet. We know that they are muslims and cops have traced phone calls to Karachi.

    Also – of the 125+ casualties only 10 odd are non-Indians.

  2. tas says:

    I disagree that the 9/11 attacks weren’t in the AQ MO before 9/11 because one facet of them was: suicide bombing. They found a new way to stage a suicide bombing, but the origins of that attack could be directly traced to previous Islamist methods of operation. Even the fact that 9/11 was a bombing can be traced to the 1993 WTC attacks, which was also a bombing. One was with a truck and one with planes, the latter had never been done before, but both attacks, never the less, were bombings.

    I think this further highlights the difference between 9/11, post-9/11 terrorist attacks, and the Mumbai attacks. This was not a suicide operation or simply a few bombings. This was a military-style operation. So it’s reasonable to ask if any government’s military is involved in it — or to ask what military these terrorists used to be apart of. Because some of them have to be at least ex-military from somewhere.

    As for why the majority of causalities are Indians, Mumbai has a population of 13 million. If we knew the populations of traveling Americans, Israelis, and Brits at the time of the attacks and turned the causality figures into percents, I’m sure the percent of foreigners killed would be much higher. Let’s say there are 100 Indian causalities: 100 / 13,000,000 = .00000769. But if there were, say, only 1000 Americans in the city and 5 of them died, 5 / 1000 = .005. The causality numbers look a lot different in that light.

  3. George Washington says:

    Who they were and what their reasons were does not matter in the corporate media. This was a great thanksgiving gift to the Terror Spin-Meisters who will turn this into a Muslim-Dr. Evil bad guy event. One thing for sure- A leftist attack against a financial district will not be reported honestly. no way, no how. The phone call to Pakistan thing is hysterical- keep telling yourselves that!

  4. ps ray says:

    Naxalites target government interests in their own backyard where they operate from. And they do not commit suicide attacks nor is their mission to kill as many civilians as possible. The Mumbai attack is a suicidal attack even though no suicide bombs were used. It was more like kill as many people as possible before you get shot. Atleast one of the captured terrorist was a Pakistani. All the pictures of them suggested they are rather young which is a striking trademark of Islamic terrorists. You can’t guess the group involved by analyzing the method of attacks at a very high level. Civil airplane attacks were a first for 9-11. There is a first for everything. Terrorists stay one step ahead. All the terrorist attacks in India thus far that targeted the common public mercilessly are linked to Islamic Terrorists operating from within or outside India.

  5. rAGHAV says:

    Pakistan was created by the British to ensure that India stayed in a state of civil war after the colonial masters left. The intelligent services of Pakistan are CIA trained and funded, and have used Pakistan as a means of lunching attacks on India.


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