Bare Assed Feminism

You know, I’m reading this article in Vanity Fair about Jon Favreau, the Obama speechwriter caught in a photo groping a cardboard cut out of Hillary, that I’m sure you’ve already seen and I won’t post it.  The gist of the article wonders why Favreau has yet to be fired, and why sexist incidents are seemingly pooh-pooh’ed as nothing.  And that’s all well and good, but as I’m reading the article, I saw this picture of Kate Winslet’s ass next to it:

As far as photos of women wearing nothing but high heels go, it’s tasteful.  And that last sentence contains about as much irony as I see in this Vanity Fair piece.  Note to whoever the editors are there: when discussing feminism, avoid showing pictures of nearly naked women.  Because while Favreau was caught in a sexist photo and should be fired, you’re profiting off soft core.

And if it takes you being told more than once to learn this lesson, then please repeat after me…


(edited by DrGail)

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