Colin Powell Calls Out Sarah Palin and the GOP Over “Small Town Values”

I’m sure by now you’re all overwhelmed with nostalgia for the 2008 presidential campaign (you betcha!) I mean, it’s been, what, just over a month since the election, right? So, to help satisfy your endless electioneering jones, check out this clip of Colin Powell, in an interview with Fareed Zakaria that will air on CNN this Sunday, goin’ all South Bronx on Gov. Palin and the GOPizzle:

Partial transcript:

Gov. Palin, to some extent, pushed the party more to the right, and I think she had something of a polarizing effect when she talked about how small town values are good. Well, most of us don’t live in small towns. And I was raised in the South Bronx, and there’s nothing wrong with my value system from the South Bronx.

And when they came to Virginia and said the southern part of Virginia is good and the northern part of Virginia is bad. The only problem with that is there are more votes in the northern part of Virginia than there are in the southern part of Virginia, so that doesn’t work.

Apparently small town value systems apparently don’t take into account demographics and simple mathematics. (Hint: there are a lot of eligible voters–many of them *eek* not white–in the Bronx. And in Arlington. To say nothing of Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Miami, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Cleveland…)

Pshh. Wevs.

Who needs complicated statistics and a viable long-term political strategy when you have fresh moose-burgers and a collective annual oil stipend (which, btw, is so not socialism) to cling to, along with guns, religion and marginalizing resentment?

h/t Think Progress

4 Responses to “Colin Powell Calls Out Sarah Palin and the GOP Over “Small Town Values””

  1. deo says:

    Good advice.
    Sarah Palin is another Bush and it JUST WON´T DO………

  2. Kathy says:

    Good stuff. I especially like what he said toward the end of the clip about unhelpful cliches like “pulling yourself up by your bootstraps.” That’s very unusual to hear something like that from a Republican. Of course, Colin Powell is not your typical Republican.

  3. Pug says:

    The Southern White Party is so screwed. Demographics alone doomed them, but it seems that they’ve decided to shoot themselves just to make sure.

    Yeah, small town values. There’s a winner when probably 80% of the voters live in cities and suburbs. They’ve lost minorities completely and now they are working hard to lose suburbanites, young people and educated whites.

    Ya’ll come back now, y’hear?

  4. Xtina says:

    There are people within the repub party that I really like, like Hagel for his stance on Iraq, or recently congressman Darryl Issa who was sitting with D. Kucinich on the economic committee grilling Treasury and various parties with their hands out. Outstanding people, but then that highly narrow ignorant parochial social view of how we should be forced to live in the United States! I can’t back these guys over these issues, I’m sorry! Nixon was more socially liberal than these guys. The religious *hit they are trying to stuff down my throat just makes me sick! Powell has the right idea, and I hope the party dis-aligns itself from the holy rollers one day soon.

    By the way, I think Palin will fade off into the distance LOOONG before the next election. She shouldn’t still be taking up soundbites even now.

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