Dear Murdoch Times

…ahh, fuggeddaboutit. Y’all are beyond redemption– making shit up is standard operating procedure for many in the UK press, ethics and standards be damned. At least folks in the Mother Country readily acknowledge this fact, making its impact far less potent (at least domestically–there are those here in NA, many of whom should know better, who actually treat the Daily Mail as something resembling a legitimate source, rather than discount bird cage liner. No, seriously!)

Just keep this in mind: according to CNN, Rahmbo “has been notified that he is not a target of the investigation.” That means that, despite the sordid innuendo of James Bone’s copy, the future CoS wasn’t caught on tape saying things to Gov. Blagojevich (or Blago’s staff) that could “prove an acute embarrassment to the incoming Obama Administration, even if no illegal deals were discussed”–which obviously weren’t, or else Rahmbo would likely be a target of the investigation–“and could even force Mr Emanuel’s resignation”. Yes, and it could also force winged simians to emerge flapping from Mr. Emanuel’s backside.

Hey, anything’s possible in the Murdoch Times (Drudge siren!!11one)

Here’s the thing: It is all too apparent that Obama (and the Village) is already quite aware of Rahmbo’s, ah, colourful reputation. That’s likely why he’s CoS, not Secretary of State. So you’d think it would take a whole lot of, ah, colour to embarrass the incoming White House, acutely or otherwise.
Or, as fakerahmemanuel colourfully puts it:


with bemusement and resignation,


2 Responses to “Dear Murdoch Times”

  1. Tim3tester says:

    “Just keep this in mind: according to CNN, Rahmbo “has been notified that he is not a target of the investigation.”

    That’s what they told Scooter Libby. They didn’t give him a target letter till the day before he was indicted. Rham is cooked, Obama is tarnished.

  2. matttbastard says:

    Rham [sic] is cooked, Obama is tarnished.

    And the Whitey tape will be released any day now.



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